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Do you ride Capital Metro?

Chart summary for "Do you ride Capital Metro?"
Yes 916 68.82%
No 415 31.18%

Which kind of guideway would you like to see in this corridor? Please review the guideway choices and information provided, and rank the following options in order of your preference.

Top = your most preferred and Bottom = your least preferred

Chart summary for "Which kind of guideway would you like to see in this corridor? Please review the guideway choices and information provided, and rank the following options in order of your preference."
537 40.71%
510 38.67%
521 39.5%

Some streets do not have enough space to build HCT without giving up other features like parking spaces or traffic lanes. What features would you be willing to do without in order to get HCT and improve efficiency in this corridor? Please rank the options in order of your preference.

Top = the feature you would be most willing to give up and Bottom = the feature you are least willing to give up

Chart summary for "Some streets do not have enough space to build HCT without giving up other features like parking spaces or traffic lanes. What features would you be willing to do without in order to get HCT and improve efficiency in this corridor? Please rank the options in order of your preference. "
443 33.66%
429 32.6%
384 29.18%
519 39.44%
640 48.63%

Which of these vehicles would you be most willing to ride in this corridor? Please rank the following options in order of your preference.

Top = your most preferred and Bottom = your least preferred

Chart summary for "Which of these vehicles would you be most willing to ride in this corridor? Please rank the following options in order of your preference. "
986 75.15%
986 75.15%


Chart summary for "Ethnicity"
Asian 50 3.87%
Black or African-American 67 5.19%
Hispanic or Latin American 155 12%
Native American 12 0.93%
White 795 61.53%
Prefer not to say 213 16.49%

Income level

Chart summary for "Income level"
Less than $25,000 66 5.13%
$25,000 to $34,999 101 7.85%
$35,000 to $49,999 125 9.72%
$50,000 to $74,999 272 21.15%
$75,000 to $99,999 187 14.54%
$100,000 to $149,999 196 15.24%
$150,000 or more 128 9.95%
Prefer not to say 211 16.41%

Education level

Chart summary for "Education level"
Completed some high school 5 0.39%
High school graduate 35 2.73%
Completed some college 131 10.22%
Associate degree 43 3.35%
Bachelor's degree 464 36.19%
Completed some postgraduate 61 4.76%
Master's degree 352 27.46%
Ph.D., law or medical degree 106 8.27%
Other advanced degree beyond a Master's degree 7 0.55%
Prefer not to say 78 6.08%


Chart summary for "Age"
13-17 years old 4 0.31%
18-24 years old 63 4.9%
25-34 years old 372 28.9%
35-44 years old 308 23.93%
45-54 years old 242 18.8%
55-64 years old 138 10.72%
65-74 years old 68 5.28%
75 years or older 17 1.32%
Prefer not to say 75 5.83%


Chart summary for "Gender"
Male 677 52.6%
Female 468 36.36%
Other 4 0.31%
Prefer not to say 138 10.72%

Got something else you’d like to tell us? We welcome your input! Please provide your feedback in the box below. 

Please be as specific and concise as possible and limit your responses within the 3,000 character limit. Thank you for taking our survey on Project Connect!

Cross platform transfer with red line at hancock

Thank you for taking the time to focus on this topic. I hope that we can find a solution!

More connectivity in northeast Austin. Express line east of 35 on Dessau/Cameron from Howard into 51st.

Need more transit network opportunities in the riverside area. Wait time become longer during weekends.

Light rail on S Congress Guad and Lamar. Light rail!!! What are we waiting on?

Not to decide is to decide. Can you say “Uber”?

Add space for bikes on light rail

Please make sure to add shelter (mostly from the sun but also from the rain) at all bus stops and rail stations. If it is unbearably hot, people will not be willing to wait for a bus even for just 5 or 10 minutes. Maybe also add water fountains and fans or misting system. Basically take into account the climate factor which is a big reason why I go for my car rather than the bus. If I am going to be all sweaty by the time I reach my destination then I won’t use the public transportation even though I am totally pro public transportation and used to use public transportation every day until I moved to Austin.

Please factor in Austin weather when building all new stops/stations. Add shelter, water, etc. Thank you!

Give us armadillos downtown. Take us not only where we live or the money is but where Austin comes together, eg zilker. Make sure everyone can get to greyhound & other means of inter urban travel. We need bus stops at the river. The ut shuttle is now for all. Make them run outside of the ut schedule and stop at more places, eg hospitals. And the 801 and 803 shouldn’t demand we walk so far, eg, there should be an intermediary stop between 26th st and 39th.

Make it easy to bike to transit

Your survey question about what features we are willing to give up is a trick question. I wasn’t sure if I should list the one I was more willing to give up on top or the one that I preferred on top. I decided that I should list the one that I was most willing to give up on top.

Needs metro police officers at night for woman safety.

Needs metro police officers at night for woman safety.

Please make street lights more bright especially at night because one can not see bus stop at all. I missed my concerts.

Put some independent roses and will reduce smell of human being fart because of rich Texan food.

Please veterans properly respect not like a trash can.

This is a must, I recently traveled to Denver and enjoyed the ease of travel by flying into DIA and taking the train downtown.

I know taking lanes is tough for our public to swallow so maybe underground is the best option. This line, when connected with S. Congress will provide Austin's FIRST real bypass to IH35 and will be a smash hit. I'm a little weary of running at grade because that limits the amount of trains that can be connected due to the proximity of the lights on the drag.

I would use rapid transit if it was available in my area and convenient.

Use transit investments to improve mobility for people, not as a land development tool. With that in mind, the first investment should be pretty obvious.

Any high-capacity transit line that terminates at the Domain will need to actually terminate inside the Domain, not a ten-minute walk away along Burnet Road. Any costs associated with constructing a line along Domain Drive, Esperanza Crossing, or some variation thereof (a loop similar to LA's Blue Line, Chicago's EL, or SEPTA's route 13 that also serves the Broadmoor development along Burnet?) would be well-worth the financial cost to ensure higher ridership.

Question regarding preference for rail vs BRT is tough. I'm in favor of rail, but if BRT rollout took ten years less, I wouldn't want to hold out. Thanks for all your work!

There is a problem with asking people what they prefer without providing any cost information or trade-offs. Maybe people would prefer tunnels on all corridors and not giving up any traffic or bike lanes, but that is not realistic. Maybe you should try giving people a fixed amount of money and ask how they would spend it or ask how much they are willing to spend. The survey as written has limited usefulness.

Rather than following 183, the Domain spur should follow Anderson Lane and Burnet (as shown in some previous options).

1) On 183 you severely limit the walking shed and access to the stations.

Running it along 183 is basically the exact opposite of the criteria of Connections 2025, that transit should run along the Imagine Austin/Mixed Use Corridors.

Anderson Lane is a Imagine Austin corridor. Burnet Road south of 183 is a Imagine Austin corridor. 183 is not.

2) By spurring off at an acute angle (following 183), you're actually duplicating a lot of the coverage. NACA would have routes on 3 sides, while Wooten would have 1 (if you can accessibly cross 183) while North Shoal Creek would have none.

Reaching new areas rather than duplicating seems better even from an unbiased system planning perspective.

3) As mentioned, Anderson is an Imagine Austin corridor. But by reaching the Anderson/Burnet intersection, you also provide (some level of) service to the Northcross IA center. You also better provide service to the Crossroads area (183 and Burnet, s of the intersection). This isn't a named center in IA, but the IA map does seem to group that slice south of 183 with the NBG regional center.

4) There's room for it. Anderson Lane is a 4(5) lane road. I'm not sure of the exact RoW width, but that section of Anderson has a daily traffic count of about 20k. You should be able to take a lane each way, especially since some of that traffic will now be riding. Some today is also probably cut-through traffic that could instead that burnet/183 and would reroute.
While Burnet north of Anderson (if I'm remembering the Burnet corridor plan study) actually has a really wide 135' RoW, enough for the existing 4/5 lanes plus transit lanes.

I think suggesting a subterranean option is even on the table in this survey is a bit of a stretch. I'd love it if we could have such a thing, but it seems like something that would be incredibly expensive and overly complex to implement. I wish that cap metro would focus on making transit inside of the city better instead of focusing on the suburbs. We need more and better park and rides, we need more frequent buses, we need more east west routes, we need longer operating hours. The solutions for all of these so far have been far too little and far too impotent. Thanks.

Extend it to the airport!

Would ride cap metro much more often if it FIRST got me places faster than traffic moves and SECOND in the comfort/context of a train with wifi. Mass transit is much needed in our community given the trajectory of growth AND cost of living. Places like NYC are affordable because you don't need a car. Mass transit enables movement people living in denser communities

I travel for work (flights out of ABIA) every other week. Currently spend $60 to $100 on round trip transportation that is slow during rush hour. If I could take a train all the way to the airport from downtown or the lamar line I would do it every time.

As a frequent visitor to SoCo and a major tourist destination it would be ideal to have train service to this area. In my opinion it is most difficult to find parking on south congress (vs downtown, etc). That area is at parking capacity with no real parking solution feasible... so mass transit is way to increase visitor capacity in the area without disturbing neighborhoods with traffic over flow,

A lot of residential density is going up on this corridor. Thus mass transit is necessary. Density + mass transit should dramatically reduce congestion in this area.

It is a waste of time and money to put in buses when people want and desire rail.

Please take this to the airport and not make the mistakes of the 2014 bond!

This corridor needs to be targeted for a full investment of LRT. It's the spine of Austin and provides service to the widest range of private and public employers and serves arguably the most diverse range of income levels. Additionally, North Lamar has a lot of unbuilt capacity for multi-family development which would help add to the future ridership. Let's maximize our transit dollars by using the highest capacity modes on our busiest routes.

I am supportive of LRT along this route. I would also support extending this line to the airport in future expansions.

Rail on Guad/N Lamar should be first out of the box. We’re 20 years too late and counting.

we need light rail in dedicated lanes on high-ridership routes, e.g. Guadalupe and Lamar.

Hancock station evaluation - the Hancock shopping center (HEB) should make it a medium destination (yellow) and transit connectivity high (green) with multiple lines serving there.

Would love to see light rail on S. Congress connecting to other light rail routes.

Years and years and years and years ago, the idea of a rail line that connected the old airport to the new airport through downtown was the idea being more championed. Given that Mueller will soon be (it not already) the densest neighborhood in Austin outside of downtown, we should make sure Mueller is the lead contender for high-capacity transit. It only makes sense. This corridor may not be identified for the highest ridership, but we have to remember that the public's appetite for rail's high cost is low - a medium cost solution could be a more politically appropriate way to go.

Heavy rail line is needed, especially along south austin

Understandably, subterranean boring is expensive, so this type of grade separation could be used sparingly at major intersections and transfer points (i.e. Crestview station @ Lamar and Airport Blvd).

Lane configuration may need to vary throughout corridor. eg. street level north of 35th, with some overhead at busy intersections and other constrained areas, mostly underground south of 35th, but potentially some street level depending on geography

I'm very passionate that we deliver a plan with light rail NOW in our highest ridership corridors. I'm confident that Austinites recognize the necessity along a corridor like Guad/Lamar and would vote for it. LET'S DO THIS!

I am for dedicated guideway and rail service on the corridor with Austin's highest demonstrated transit demand, because rail with dedicated guideway on such a corridor leads to the lowest operating cost per passenger-trip.

#1 desire - better connected dedicated bike lanes to support real cycle commuting across and between regions; south, north, east, west, and downtown. Current network is a mostly useless patchwork, interrupted by large impassable areas. Add safety features like posts, curbs, and rumble strips to protect bike lanes. Not just paint on the road. Separate bus/bike lanes downtown. 3rd St bike lane model should be the downtown standard, rather than the exception.

Improve bike lanes. Connect the network to allow longer commutes, and enhance safety features with physical separation from cars and busses.

The type of guideway should be the cheapest and quickest to implement solution. Dedicated transit lanes should be implemented in the most congested corridors in order to provide more reliable transit times.

The system needs to have shelters that actually protect and supporting bike and per. infrastructure for us to use it. Also off board payment, all door entry, and ability to pay by any means. Not like the cash or app only rail. Don't make it laughably difficult to use trip planners, pay, etc. Make the system intuitive.

I live in Windsor Park and work only 3 miles from home at UT, yet taking a bus to work is so inconvenient (a 1/4 min walk + 2 busses and over an hour travel time.) Please start serving NE Austin with express busses to UT & downtown Austin.

Extend service east of 183

Rail needs to expand dramatically to be used, be efficient, and make an impact. Go all the way instead of piece by piece. Then people would use it. Also do not stop service at 5-6pm. Workers are unable to use it to get home. It's ridiculous!

I have zero preference on a few of the questions that asked me to rank my answers. Honestly, I just want a method of public transportation that picks up closer to my house. I am just east of Decker Ln on 969 and would love to have a bus stop or Metro Rail stop at that intersection, or even better, at the entrance to the Woodland Hills subdivision. I would love to become a mass transit patron again, but currently am forced to drive into town for work everyday due to the complete lack of public transportation by my house. If only the #18 bus stretched that far out, I would take it everyday (I work at 12th/Lamar, so that's my ideal route).

The UT Austin community needs more accessible transport other than bus, especially with Austin’s traffic situation. A light rail line provides mobility for students and faculty alike and can help spur further development along the overall corridor.

I am opposed to this project. Better to pilot a program of private bus lines along the corridor, which would be more flexible and less costly. Austin is too sprawling for light rail to work well.

No preference to BRT v rail options - I am only interested in reliability, connectivity to the overall system (i.e. I don't work downtown), adding no more than 20 minutes to my current commute. I use CapMetro when traveling downtown but would like to use it for my commute. Currently this is not feasible with my home/work destinations.

If bus rapid transit is implemented like light rail (reliable service, time updates at bus stops) but with lower install / maintenance costs then it is the best of both worlds. Question regarding the type of service preference isn't a great one.

Figure out the routes via bus- THEN overlay the best traffic patterns with rail! $.02

I would love to have a rail option. The bus takes too long from University Hills, and the train stations are far enough that by the time we reach them we might as well go the rest of the way downtown. Furthermore, the closest station (MLK) has no parking.

South Austin doesn't end at So. Lamar. SW Austin is SO UNDERSERVED by Cap Metro. We had to fight to keep RT333 operating west of Brodie. Even so, 333 only operates east and west. RT5 no longer serves the extreme northern end this area. CM must address north/south transit from the Mopac/Slaughter neighborhoods. We pay our share of the sales tax burden and are entitled to service.

I'm hoping that your new CEO will see that the consultants are wrong and address region wide minimal service levels. The current frequent service implementations is resulting in multiple buses arriving at the same time. That does not address the idea of short wait times, but just insures that more buses are more empty more of the time.

It's BEYOND time to get some other type of transportation in Austin - would like to see East side of Austin treated the same as West side - seems the West side gets options that we are not privy to.

Would like this corridor to be done quickly so that I can ride down the Lake Trail to west Austin and then bus back to East Austin

Would like to ride transit to the airport! I would need to take the 7th lake austin bus to downtown first and then take the riverside train to the airport, which would take longer than an uber, but with a transfer much less than the current $20 trip!


Please, please, please do not take away any bike lanes. It's already dangerous out there for cyclists.

I'm incredibly excited by this project! I'm surprised by how low the price tag is!


I just want a consistent, reliable, safe way to get from University Hills to Downtown. Happy with any form of HDT. Thank you!

Please add rail services. Traffic will only increase. We need mass transit. Our bus service is a joke.

If you want big companies like Amazon to set up HQ2 or other similar projects, you really need to sort out the mass transit. I've used systems in developing countries that are better than what Austin offers!

Yes, I live in Manor TX. I would like to see more than one bus that runs to manor from Austin through out the day. A light rail running through Manor would be nice as well.

I would love light rail along that Dean Keeton/Manor corridor. I work on the UT campus and live near 51st and Manor so I'm very excited by the Project Connect maps I've seen thus far. I'm glad CapMetro is thinking comprehensively and ambitiously, and I would love an expansive, connected public transit system, preferably with as much light rail as possible.

this is great! Only if I have a way to get to Downtown Manor, from Presidential Meadows to the Metro is a long walk, there are no sidewalks on 290, even thinking on walking to Walmart is not safe for me with 2 kids. so I am stuck at home :/. Having bus stops at the entrance of the neighborhoods an running through the main areas in Manor will help so much. this way we can get to Downtown Manor to ride the light rails to Austin.
On my opinion where you have enough space you can do either above the ground or ground level, and the places without space underground is the best option, so there will not be any space compromise.
Downtown Austin area that has reduce space the only option is above the ground or under ground. Many downtowns have it under ground. which is a challenge but doable. Best of luck and hope we can use it soon.

Expanded rail service in East Austin is an excellent opportunity to expand while property rates are low, and utilize existing rail lines, and would be awesome going toward the airport. East Austin is booming, and is an excellent opportunity to provide service to future and existing residents.

You should focus on getting traffic from East to West and back as well. There is hardly any good way to do it.

East Austin is really in need of increased and improved public transportation. There is very little access to fresh food, medical care or anything beside JDs supermarket and the myriad of Dollar General stores. For families that don't have access to cars, or need other alternatives for transportation, it can be a really big hurdle to living in this part of Austin.

Trams/rail are probably more reliable to be on time because car drivers usually disrespect buses, but get intimidated by rail...
Thank you for always pushing to improve capmetro!

Ok let's be honest: underground transit is never going to happen in Austin. So it's really not smart to want it. Above-ground transit is expensive and an eyesore, and terribly inflexible to future improvements. Surface transit is where it's at.

Now, I'm also totally aware that there is a huge psychological problem here. Bus rapid transit is literally some of the most efficient and speedy high capacity transit available, but buses aren't "cool." This is a documented prejudice - more affluent people associate buses with the poor and low quality service, so despite it being fast, efficient, and very local (frequent stops, dense coverage) many people will just refuse to consider riding buses. The thing is, BRT is absolutely the best solution for bringing HCT to MLK/969. Look, it would be even more awesome if there was a park-and-ride at 969/Johnny Morris for BRT and other bus routes servicing the massive amount of people who come into the city on this corridor. Then expand it to service a Green Line station when that gets operational :) Combat the bus prejudice with beautiful modern stations with amenities. Work with local businesses to develop commercial and service businesses at the hubs. There is so much potential on this corridor - and I know I live on it and I'm biased - but I see the traffic coming in and the developments going up from Colony Park to Whisper Valley and it's clear that the 969 corridor needs to move quickly to get HCT in place so the explosion of new residents over the next 10 years have something to establish mass transit habits with.

Bus service to the east side of Govalle needs to be replaced or restored. People there rely on the buses, but there will be no bus service after the June changes. If there is so little demand for bus travel in that area, why not provide an on-demand service similar to what's being provided in the Mueller development. Don't just strand people with no options.

Yes please extend the train south to Slaughter lane! I will right that thing every weekday!

Metrorail connecting to Bergstrom Airport should be top priority; its a no brainer for any modern city to have easy rail access to its airport.

Having a direct connection from the airport to our city is a prime and necessary connection to boost diversity and job growth for our amazing city.


I would love a rapid route along Manor Road - I would gladly use this almost daily. Road traffic is not very heavy along the northern part of Manor (especially north/east of Airport Blvd), so it would not have an adverse affect on traffic movement. This is also a low-income area, where numerous residents use transit regularly. A faster, more frequent, and more reliable route than the #20 bus could make a huge difference in the lives of the many local residents who do not have a car. Note, however, that if this route is to be successful it will need fairly frequent stops, spaced much more closely together than the current commuter light rail route that goes north - that route's MLK stop is too far away for most residents of Windsor Park and University Hills to use.

If this is built at street level, please do not allow vehicles to be delayed by traffic lights, turning cars, bicycles, or pedestrians.

Good luck!!

God lord build some PUBLIC TRANSIT FINALLY!!!

East Austin is a growing region that is deserving of good public transportation, especially strong connectors to East 6th Street, downtown, and the airport.

Also, an transit should run frequently (every 15 minutes or better), as well as late at night and on weekends. Also, I think that people would be most likely to use trains, rather than buses.

Please expedite providing more services from Manor to Austin.

Great traffic control since I am not driving due to my TBI disability.

We need transportation & safe public walk ways desperately in Manor. Those without cars/ experiencing transportation issues are VERY isolated when out in the housing developments!

Would like to understand what the cost to riders would be. Is rail going to cost more than rapid transit? How much more? What would either option cost on a monthly basis, for individuals, and families? The current cost to ride the red line makes it unaffordable as a commuter option for most Austinites. I would like to see Capital Metro communicate more about this - it's very important to ridership and to people's budgets. We need better transit solutions, yes, but also affordable ones.

Airport to downtown should be the first one created

1. A high speed line to the airport is critical, and should be a top priority. 2. The survey is a bit biased. It's hard to answer whether I'd rather have rapid transit or light rail when I don't know how much I'm paying for one or the other. 3. We have rapid transit to the airport now, but it isn't convenient for us, even though we aren't far from a stop. Waiting for a transfer bus from our airport stop to and from our house is not worth the time, since the lines haven't run very frequently or accurately to their posted times in past experience. We've been stuck waiting at the stop for over 40 minutes. That's a deal killer for airport travel.

Glad you are doing this, it is much needed. A master rail network across the city would be fantastic.

Great work on Connections 2025 keep focusing on frequency in dense areas, align with Imagine Austin and hopefully CodeNEXT will provide additional density, so transit can be more viable.

Remove bike lanes they are a hazard and a danger to car drivers. Make additional road structures and lanes for drivers to travel instead of tolls.

Add a bus lane closer to where I live, the layola stop is too far away.

Make a more viable public transit system that can get from east to west or north to south without three stops. WE NEED A TRAIN SYSTEM.

Rail has to be a core part of the future of the city if we are to compete in the landscape of world class cities. Build where the density already is, and do it soon. We cannot afford to wait any longer and cannot afford another debacle like the 2014 bond. Thank you for the plans put forth in the 2025 plan. Rail, rail, rail. There’s no meaningful substitute as every other form should be supplementary / complementary to rail which is the only true option for reducing traffic significantly and creating an actually better alternative to driving. If I’m going to sit in traffic anyway, I’ll do it in my own car. If I have the option of easy access to a comprehensive system driven by rail I would be thrilled to use that on a day to day basis.

I love Austin! I just moved from Denver and took their light rail into downtown everyday and it was amazing. If there's anyway to get light rail I'm very much a supporter of the idea!

Behind in transportation. Rail system somewhere up or done

Behind in transportation. Rail system somewhere up or done

I like the service keep the routes that you have

Public transport is the solution to Austin's traffic problem, it also bridges the gap between wealthy and poor, allowing mobility for people who can not own a car. It is an excellent investment in money for the city.

Grade separated transit provides high reliability and is the safest mode.

Buses dont run often enough it takes too long to get anywhere.

I'm glad you are promoting a bold approach. We need leadership to get the right mass-transit in place.

More impact in rural areas

More visibility of passengers getting off buses

Bathroom facilitará at bus stops

Please make these corridors nature, bike and pedestrian friendly. This means no obstructive elevated lines and to design with the pedestrian experience in mind. Pedestrians want nature trails and mass transit thats blends and complements our commute experience. Bring art into all stations to make the whole travel experience more enjoyable.

I am very excited about the possibility of light rail from tech ridge down the Lamar corridor. Please continue community outreach and help educate skeptics why this is a great investment for the city.

I am in favor of reducing traffic lanes and parking in order to provide dedicated mass transit infrastructure and protected bike lanes. The only reason I don’t ride CapMetro is that it’s not convenient enough. I need to be able to walk to a bus stop and know that a bus will come in no more than 10 minutes, regardless of whether they’re keeping schedule.

I used to ride CALTrain, MUNI, and BART in the Bay Area and the NYC Metro and they all supported a mass transit lifestyle by eliminating the need to ever plan trips in advance. No matter where I was I knew that the next bus or train on any major route was no more than 6 minutes away, and closer to 3 minutes during rush hour. That’s the kind of flexibility and frequency I need in a transit system in order to go back to the carless lifestyle I’ve enjoyed before moving to Austin.

short of light rail, BRT would be just fine for this route.

Great work. Go big or go home. Austin needs high capacity transit

We need a clearer way of telling people about and explaining routes and bus services.

If we build light rail anywhere, it needs to be the airport. Let’s be a real world class city.

I work within walking distance of this line. Would like to see at least bus for this corridor.


I desperately want a cross town rail. I live just over a mile east of downtown and walking there is usually a better option than the bus or rail. I can see the Red Line from my house, but can't use it because there are no stations within 3/4 mile and it doesn't connect to anything downtown to make it useful if I wanted to walk. A bus on E.7th will still have to deal with a bottleneck at I-35. Light rail, above grade, going on E. 7th and across downtown would make it a great connection for other north/south routes that you've identified. East Cesar Chavez, Holly, and Govalle need more options than 2 buses every 15 minutes and the Plaza Saltillo station. The current stops and frequency make them useless to residents, who end up driving instead because it's a 8 minute drive or 30 minute bus ride.

Having lived in major metros both with and without a good subway/light rail system I can say planning for a future without it in Austin is no plan at all. It's worth the investment if you truly want to get cars off the road. I would happily pay a tax to support this investment.

Rail should be only used on the densest corridors, such as Guadalupe, North Lamar, Riverside, maybe South Congress. Buses riding in their own lane should be used in the other corridors.

Rail needs to run as close to UT as possible to get the maximum number of riders. I think routing down Congress downtown, instead of Guadalupe/Lavaca would also be better for ridership, running closer to major employers.

Please provide light rail on North Lamar, Guadalupe, and South Congress.

Encourage biking. Better for the environment and for the people.

More ice cream trucks

Don't like bus lanes around down town

Don't like bus lanes around down town

Don't like bus lanes around down town

Don't like bus lanes around down town

Don't like bus lanes around down town

More access to Mueller from neighborhoods east of it

More awnings for rain cover, move stops along MLK to more pedestrian friendly area

Routes to manor, del Valle, pflugerville

Focus on POC and helping east Austin

Please make bus stops safer!

Please make bus stops safer!

Separated bike lanes that have been added in Austin are very helpful for bike commuting. Non-barrier separated lanes on busy streets like Congress or South Lamar are almost unusable for me.

Need more traffic flow with bike lanes being built not taken away traffic lanes greater traffic flow

It is great to see Austin investing in new modes of transport. With the rapid growth of our city, cars and buses just can't keep up. We need rail now, for high capacity on time safe transport.

It is great to see Austin investing in new modes of transport. With the rapid growth of our city, cars and buses just can't keep up. We need rail now, for high capacity on time safe transport.

It is great to see Austin investing in new modes of transport. With the rapid growth of our city, cars and buses just can't keep up. We need rail now, for high capacity on time safe transport.

It is great to see Austin investing in new modes of transport. With the rapid growth of our city, cars and buses just can't keep up. We need rail now, for high capacity on time safe transport.

I do not believe this city will be able to be an equitable city without drastically improving our transit system.

Time for Austin to grow up and become a real city. Enough already with the heavy traffic and crawling around town through rush hour that is now 3-4 hours long each weekday morning and evening and the virtually impassable state of I-35. We are no longer a hick town, and need commuter trains like a real civilized area.

I actually don't have a preference for light rail vs. bus rapid transit. The key is ensuring that we have dedicated guideways for buses so they are not stuck in traffic. I also don't have much preference for at street level, subway or above. I've used transit in Chicago where things are elevated, and also things in subways. Either works fine, it just depends what is most cost-effective in a given area.

Just build a subway system the city needs it and I’m sure people would ride it 24/7

Rail to the airport would be a game changer.

Would take bus more often if it was more accessible and efficient

Would take bus more often if it was more accessible and efficient

Don't move route 10 off Georgian road please!

I know it is going to cost quite a bit upfront, but I’d really like to see the light rail expanded. There should be access to UT and South congress by light rail. You’re going to have to do it eventually so why not spend the money now instead of later? Also, MLS is most likely coming to Austin and there needs to be a stop at Mckalla Place where there will more than likely be a stadium. Thanks.

I would have answered "none of the above" many times but the opt wasn't available.

Lots more buses would solve a lot of this cities problems

I feel that making Austin, our city, *more walkable* will improve the city's ability to scale with its growth. I think two specific aspects contribute significantly to walkability:

1. Designing for pedestrians *not* cars
2. Building rail that enables people to move around (e.g. the light rail Austin currently has conveniently avoids the most important routes, we need to bite the bullet and build rail up and down "the ladder")

I think Austin will prosper significantly from building rail and focusing on walkability and the life of the pedestrian in the city.

The corridors would be better served with light rail on Guadalupe through 51st Street and bus rapid transit on North Lamar. North Lamar does not have the density to support light rail, while Guadalupe does.

South Congress is well served by the Metro Rapid already - while improvements can be made to timing of the buses, it would be preferable to have more stops on a slightly slower service along this majority-pedestrian corridor.

I think making Austin a walkable city (which implies more rail - rail that definitely crosses lady bird lake) and focusing on designing for pedestrians instead of cars will help Austin scale with its growth.

Austin can lead in walkability, growth, and resident happiness. We can make that happen by focusing on pedestrians and not cars.

Walkability improves local economies too, something Austin already leads in, let's make it stronger.

Get rail out to the airport. Denver has finally done this and the experience was amazing. Austin would handle its growth so much better if it built rail out to the airport instead wider and bigger roads.

Focus on pedestrians, not cars. Focus on walkability. I want my tax dollars to go to making my city beautiful and walkable and a joy to live in and not drive in.

I currently don't ride the bus because there are not buses that can get me out of my neighborhood, so to get to a main corridor bus route, I would have to walk 2 miles, then there isn't a good drop off spot that would get me to work without another 1 mile walk. It seems like the north south routes are the main ones being worked on and not the east west routes or getting into neighborhoods. We had a bus line on our street and neighborhood but it was cancelled. Also the focus on density of housing on the Lamar corridor without transportation plan has significantly impacted our local traffic.

I currently ride the 20 along Manor Rd. Right now it seems like service is fine, other than needing some frequency improvements, so I'm not sure why local bus service isn't sufficient. If the city reduces exclusionary zoning restrictions along the corridor and more housing is built, then it would be a good corridor for a future light rail investment.

The Guadalupe/Lamar corridor appears to be far and away the best corridor for a light rail high capacity transit investment. While I think the corridor could generate the ridership to support underground or elevated rail, I'm worried that the costs associated with those approaches would hurt the line politically unless the state wants to kick in some funds for it.

The Riverside corridor would be a great choice for a light rail investment assuming the project includes some sort of bridge to get riders into downtown. It doesn't make much sense as a corridor without a line running through downtown.

Would love to see something like this happen. Hopefully we can find a solution that works for everyone. More roads and more lanes is not the answer.

I live a block away from Lamar and frequently trip around the city. I think a light rail line down Lamar/Guadalupe makes a lot of sense and would help alleviate some of the traffic I see on my street as cars try and bypass Lamar to get to I-35 faster.

More east west corridors, something to the airport

Make car-free living a reality in north Austin! Kill subsidized car storage, slow & narrow car lanes, boost fixed & flexible transit, and protect those bike lanes.

East Riverside would really improve with light rail and would connect downtown Austin to the Airport. I believe this to be the most important line to be approved. The traffic is pretty congested and this would significantly improve the way of life in this entire area.


Get a southern line that is best serving dense population first (Guad/Lamar or Airport) then add on potential spurs. I’d freaking Houston can do this, why the heck is Austin having such a hard time...

Glad for expansion

There should be more frequent routes between Mueller, UT, and Downtown.

More direct routes on the east side

The relative lack of east-west options is frustrating.

3rd question is loaded.
Coordinate with schools so more frequent at start and end of school day.
Improve infrastructure from within and with already existing stuff, e lute switch to alternative fuels or more accesible.
Toll lane is inefficient. Lower prices. Sliding scale?

We desperately need sidewalks

I’m willing to pay for light rail through increased taxes.

Making parking more difficult/scarce is a good price to pay for better urban transport. The more expensive the parking, the more appealing the public transport.

Elevated corridors depress a city. Underground corridors are too expensive. He only thibvthat makes sense is to put them on the street.

I'm really not in favor of any new transit options at all, until someone ELSE runs Capital Metro - and I mean, a completely different company. Until that happens, I'll be voting against anything Mass Transit proposes along with everyone else!

Donde esta la encuesta en espanol? In our area, there's just about exactly as much spanish as english. You're working systematically to only include english speakers, online and esp in the invitations to the Apr 28 event here.

Instead of bike lanes taking traffic lane space, why not make sidewalks wide enough to include a bike lane? (Except for downtown and around UT area, most sidewalks seem to be rarely used).

Don't let the merchants on South Congress dictate what can be done on that corridor! They are too afraid. If we have better public transportation, we won't need as many parking spaces. If you can put in a fast, frequent light rail line on SoCo from Ben White to Lady Bird Lake, and people can park at the park & ride at Ben White, it will change everything! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Be brave, be a leader.

Please go through with this! Don't listen to the naysayers who can't imagine life without their extra lane of car traffic.

Please open a survey regarding S 1st St options.

Run on time please

Need more parking at train stations

IT Would be good idea to sell alcohol no the afternoon train

Don't get rid of the 21/22 buses...

More neighborhood busses, within walking distance

Busses first then rail

More bike friendly streets

bus service along 2244 through rollingwood and westlake hills is critical to many employees who work at businesses along this route (e.g. Randalls) Please maintain this service to help people get to work w/o adding cars to already congested roads.

A light rail or subway running from the airport to the downtown and UT area along or under Riverside Drive would be very useful and successful, given the importance of that connection.

Less expensive connection to ABIA is preferable, but also remember that many people coming from different parts of town will have to transfer, sometimes several times, before they get to Riverside, so too many transfers would likely discourage people from taking public transit to the airport.

I think ridership will be higher than estimated, especially for the low cost option, because there is a lot of development along Riverside (some of which you said was not included in the ridership estimates.) Also, if that is initially the only E-W HCT connector, that could cause some people to go out of their way a little to use it.

This is an important corridor for serving east Austin, but should not be one of the first corridors funded.
It should serve, i.e., go through, Mueller.
If fewer elevated options would be needed for BRT, that should be considered to reduce costs.

This corridor should be a priority. I do not support extending it north of Hwy 183 for the initial segment. It should be designed to be an urban rail system, not commuter rail, and should focus on service Austin. Austin taxpayers and Cap Metro service area residents will pay for it, not residents of cities to the north. The crossing at 183 will be expensive. Also, I think it is unlikely voters in S Austin would vote for an initial line that extends so far north. The northern stations are also rated low on the station evaluation. If we extend it north of Hwy 183, the extension to the Domain may make more sense since it is ranked medium and is a designated center.

This corridor should not be the highest priority.
It would be expensive to build this corridor all the way to ACC Pinnacle. An initial segment should be to Ben White/Hwy 71. Express buses may make more sense to serve Oak Hill/southwest Austin. The possible extension down Manchaca may be preferable to extending along Hwy 290. Because of the narrow ROW, this will be a relatively expensive corridor if elevated is needed for a significant portion. Other options should be considered, like enhanced bus service.

An initial segment could go to Ben White.

This corridor should be lower priority since ridership estimates are low. The higher investment would only save one minute, but would have operating costs about 4 times higher. The station evaluation chart shows medium or high for all stops, which is better than other corridors and does not match the low ridership projection. If this route goes down San Jacinto and serves the stadium, there is an issue because there may not be through service on game days.

The ridership estimates are surprisingly low, especially since 7 out of 11 stations rank medium or high. I think relatively narrow ROW and congestion in this corridor could make LRT difficult.

Your analysis said that Dean Keeton/Manor would be preferable to MLK; they are close together so we shouldn't have HCT on both.

You didn't do an analysis for Pleasant Valley, so it's hard to know what would be best for it. I think it is a corridor that is worth doing more research about.


Right now the space between traffic lights is too great for people to safely use transit on Riverside between Montopolis and Ben White. I see pedestrians trying to cross with out a light or beacon at Vargas, Anise and Coriander.


Capital Metro needs to ensure access to major medical centers such as North Austin Medical Center / Austin Diagnostic Center rather than discontinuing it as you are doing as of June 3, 2018. Not being disabled, I don't qualify for Metro Access nor can I afford to pay $1.75 each way even if I qualified. The $2.50 for a daily pass can sometimes be difficult on the limited income of our household, but it is more manageable than $3.50 plus another $1.25 to $2.50 for grocery trips. Even if service is only provided once an hour or once per two hours, the schedule could be worked with. Otherwise, you will force me to walk from Metric to NAMC and back (over 0.5 mile each way) using my cane and take an extra hour to an hour and a half for the trip (and those are on my good days).

Add a flyer route from Belterra near Hwy 290 and Sawyer Ranch Rd.

More public info sessions

Light rail poses insurmountable challenges when crossing at the north end of this route.

You should continue to show the specific corridor name throughout the survey. Once I clicked on the corridor name, a generic 'Corridor Survey' title was shown throughout but it's easy to forget the context for which the questions are referring. It was not totally clear if these questions were system-wide or for a specific location.

Would like to see a bus that goes from Seaholm/Library area to airport

This corridor is very exciting!! The core spine of our city!

do not reduce auto lanes, if rail and feeder routes work well people will ride if they choose...if you take auto lanes and make more congestion, it will not be compensated by having buses and rail or bike lanes. Mass transit ridership is in decline in growing major cities...don't make same mistakes, based on the thought that creating horrible road conditions will get people in to transit. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!

We needed a fixed rail asset to ABIA when it opened, needs to go from CBD to ABIA.

Stop sending out surveys and just build a decent public transportation system. End the Car-First stupidity and put light rail along the street taking away car lanes.

MLK/FM 969 is a rare east west high traffic corridor that needs to remain as a major arterial for auto traffic, need to expand to include turning lanes in commercial zoned areas so that desperately needed retail can be developed and sustained. Bike traffic is and will continue to be a tiny fraction of total traffic to sustain commercial development, a creation of needed assets with in the 78721/78723 community. FM 969 east of US 183 needs to be expanded to 6 lanes with adequate places to turn in to business and residential development. Light rail should go from Guadalupe and MLK all the way to SH 130, you need to have areas where people can PARK CARS to get on the rail line, or it is not going to work.

The city should allow all forms of transportation to test and trial here. Scaring off programs such as Uber, dockless bikes and scooters, etc is not showing a good trend of thinking outside the box for transportation.

this line need to extend from far north Austin, the Howard lane or Wells Branch area near I-35 all the way south through UT and medical area, and downtown. The line should connect in the CBD to lines going through East Austin and along Riverside to the airport.

Get some political will power and just build the ---- thing. Airport access would be huge!!

If you had a light rail line that connected Pflugerville to main parts of Austin, I would use it instead of driving into the city. It would need to be running not just for work hours, but also evenings and weekends for going out. The stations would need to have parking so I could leave my car there to take the train into the city. Many big cities in the country have this, lets do this Austin.

I strongly think that at-grade is the preferred configuration; however, it is critical that an at-grade system not further deteriorate connectivity with lots of fences and guards; I'm unclear on specific regulations for fencing off rail but a walled-off LRT could be deleterious for corridor vitality if it overwhelming prevents reasonable crossing.

There is probably a stronger case for going underground only at problem spots (ROW, crossings, etc.) and downtown areas. This should be used judiciously. I am unlikely to support an elevated configuration. I also have concerns with BRT alignments and turning movements; to this end, I strongly prefer investment in LRT on key corridors.

Take away as many car lanes as you need to make this happen!

What are plans to replace convenience of Route 4 and 100 in the sector roughly from 7th St to Cesar Chavez (N-S) / LaVaca/East of IH-35? The June 3rd rollout makes this sector a transit desert if you want to ride the bus easily.

I live right by the Red Line and the route for the Metro Rapid 801 and I have to tell you: There's no comparison. The train is more comfortable, even when I'm standing, and it is RELIABLE. It never leaves early. I can depend on it. The bus is an admirable backup, but in terms of how useful they are to me as a commuter, there's only one answer: Trains.

Train would be an option I would take. However, here in Wooten, although we have to put up with the train going through our neighborhood, there is not a convenient place for us to pick up the train. The nearest station would be Crestview Station, but there is no parking there and no good way to get there on foot.

Keep Route 5 (105) in South Austin a full day bus service. Staff has the idea that patrons will choose to take the Route 10 that will have more frequency. No so. South 1st street is dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclists with narrow, poorly maintained sidewalks. South Austinites use Rt 5 all day long, and the demographic is just the kind that needs accessible, safe public transit.

Elevate bike lanes or put them in tunnels. Many more people would bike. I bike now and it’s so dangerous as is. Cars travel in the bike lanes, pull into them at intersections as if they are right turn lanes. Dedicated elevated track from Ben white up to Highland rail would get ridership. Off ramps to the parks and to south downtown, the Capitol, UT, and at the triangle, shoal creek and Highland would make it great for students and workers alike. It

It seems like the limestone around here should be perfect for subways, is there a reason why that is not true?

Any type of Austin public transportation needs to run independent of the street.. like Dallas, Houston, NYC, DC, LA area, Chicago. I have been waiting since 1986 when I moved here for rapid transit rail transportation to use... I find it INCREDIBLE that it is 2018 and we STILL don't have rapid transit type of public transportation here. And putting in a light rail that serves the more affluent part of town and does not take into consideration the middle class folks that will not only use it, but NEED it, is a travesty of public service on all that have been in a position to make this happen for the past THREE DECADES!!!! GET MOVING!! (Both literally and figuratively!)

Your agency only gave TWO choices in the corridor I chose (South Lamar) - Bus Rapid transit and Monstrously-HEAVY, death-dealing, at-street-level, SLOW, "Light Rail."

That says that the IDIOTS on your staff have ALREADY ruled OUT above ground options, underground options and high speed trains.

Your agency is still STUCK on trolleys (which my father rode in the 1920's) that you call "Light Rail," hoping using the U.S. Department of Transportations official (and misleading) designation for trolleys will fool the public. "Light Rail" will max out at 20 mph, even with automated traffic crossings. That's why you schmucks call it HCT ("high capacity" transit) INSTEAD of RPT (RAPID Public Transit).

I want RAPID transit. I want folks who decide to stay in their POV's to see RPT flash by them at 90 mph, while they sit in stalled traffic.

But CAP Metro will NOT do that. And if anyone reads this, other than CAP Metro stooges, and they want to know WHY, they should FOLLOW THE MONEY!

I enjoy riding Cap Metro. My goal is to eliminate the use of my car. I look for vacation locations based on public transportation that allows me to access hiking and biking experiences. Cap Metro drivers are helpful and courteous. The buses are generally clean, and the ridership is respectful and courteous.

Please provide a bus that goes by the Greyhound Station (a bus on Middle Fiskville Road)

I would definitely consider riding light rail if service was provided to the UT campus and other major traffic generators. I would like to point out that one transit problem we are dealing with at UT is transporting Graduate Research Assistants (Masters or PHD graduate students who work on research projects) between their homes, main campus, the Pickle Research Campus and the West Pickle Research Center. CAPMETRO has eliminated two shuttles from main campus to PRC / WPR which has had a significant impact on the ability to meet with GRAs. These extremely talented and capable engineering graduate students are typically from other countries with very developed mass transit systems (China, India, South America, Taiwan, South Korea, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries. These students typically do not own cars, and do not have driver's license - even from their own countries. Though our Research Center has vehicles for use by employees - it is problematic for GRAs to obtain a driver's license and insurance - without owning a car, in order to use our vehicles. Thus, it would be extremely helpful to a number of major research centers located at PRC and WPR to have some type of transit system that could service GRAs.

If this issue is one you would like to discuss further - my email is [email protected]

Austin is dying for real public transportation! I'm so glad to hear the Cap Metro is finally talking about getting public transit its own dedicated pathways.

I'm glad CapMetro is thinking big. In order to succeed, however, you need to build credibility by thinking about how CapMetro presents itself on the small things.
1. Encourage citizens to become familiar with CapMetro's data: expenses and revenues, driver and administrator pay, car trips NOT taken, etc. CapMetro needs to come across as more transparent and accountable if it is going to win the battle for hearts and minds. For instance, there is a PERCEPTION that the current remap is the brainchild of a few self-designated, clueless consultants. That's probably not the case, but CapMetro hasn't been clear about how the process actually worked.
2. Respond, respond, respond. The roll out of ReMap will be a great opportunity to gain or lose the riding public's trust. Things will go wrong. How CapMetro responds to the inevitable snafus that always come up with change will be noticed. Your call.
3. Pick up the phone! When a person calls 474-1200, someone needs to take the call. 6-10 minute wait times are common.
If you would like to continue the conversation with a daily rider, reach out to me at [email protected]

Would love to see rail system expanded more than anything.

If the bus is dependable and predictable, it doesn't need to be frequent. If the information provided by the Schedule Info Text Service is accurate, we can use that information to make smart choices about our options. When accurate real-time information is missing, we just have to wait there until a bus shows up. Only then do we wish for more frequent service.

Look at how Dallas got the DART systems started, and learn from their process. Find a small starter line that is a desirable location and relatively affordable cost, and include ongoing new capital funding in the initial bond vote for that starter line.

Look at the Toshiba battery-powered LRT solution, and ask other train manufacturers for battery powered, CBTC controlled, trains. There are huge savings (both capital and maintenance) to be had by shifting to a system that is just track, periodic charging stations for power, and antennas for communicating.

Also, while a bit cliché, also look at companies like the Boring Company or others that are looking to drive down the cost of tunneling. Talk to the company that dug the underground spillway for the Waller Creek project, and see what their cost was, or if they can give you a green sheet estimate for subway sized tunnels. Austin's limestone is very conducive to tunneling, and should be taken advantage of.

Austin is continuing to grow, and has no ability to significantly increase road capacity. LRT is vital, and the push needs serious leaders with a sense of urgency. That last vote was already like 4 years ago.

more frequent running for the bus # 3

Better connection to the airport is strongly needed. In particular, later service would be great since so many flights get in just after midnight, and there is no transit option at that point. Light rail service would greatly improve tourism to the city and reduce the reliance on Uber/Lyft/other.

Provide incentives for Vanpooling, like increasing subsidy from various city organizations. That'll thus bring in more drivers into joining the RideShare and thus reduce traffic situations.

I live in Taylor, drive to the Manor Park n Ride to get into work at UT. It's a long commute. I'd like to see more options from communities east of Austin (Elgin, Manor, Taylor, Pflugerville). I see so much development along FM 973. I'm sure that in another 5 years, the area of 290 and 973 will be very congested. Larger buses coming in from Manor would be a start. I ride the 990 daily and would like to see that bus operate some midday runs.

I love taking the bus and try to do it as often as possible but I work at ACC and sometimes have to attend meetings at different campuses during the work day so it really isn't practical to take the bus every day. ACC offers employees and students a bus pass for $25 a semester which is such a great deal - it encourages me to ride the bus even more. Also, I like to park and ride the MetroRapid bus. Please build more park and rides for those lines. My kids know how to ride the bus (and I love that it is free with their AISD ID!) but CapMetro should put a video on your website explaining how to ride the bus and address parents' safety concerns.

I van pooled for many years from Pflugerville. It would be nice if there were direct transportation from the Transit Center on Howard to the Riverside/Ben White area. with my schedule I can no longer ride van pool but there is no guarantee of arrival or departure. But, it was a major cost savings when I did it. It's just that mass transit would take me three different buses and 3 hours later in either direction. This is not conducive to family life; especially with children.

Quit trying to make Government the solution.
Partner with and engage Uber, Taxis, Lyft, Bus routes, and other innovations to get people to the transit points. If private companies are allowed to build HCT lanes without being charged an arm and a leg from greedy bureaucrats, they will be done faster and cheaper. Ensure the specifications for the lanes assure safety, but don't make the regulations so burdensome that you become your own worst enemy. Build the HCT lanes, backoff and let private lines move the people.
Self driving Transit on dedicated lanes? Open up the bidding. (The builder of the HCT cannot be affiliated with a bus line, especially not the government.)
Present the ideas to Ford, Caterpillar, Freight Liner, China, Japan, India and open it up for presentations. If it is good business, they'll be competing for the opportunity. If it is not good business, why are you trying to push something that is dumb?
This will be expensive and it will impact ideologies, it will require complete transparency - good luck controlling the corruption.

Brentwood/Highland Neighborhood Plan has adopted some long range ideas about transit on N. Lamar and should be accessed as part of your efforts to adopt better, more accommodating mobility options.

You failed to provide a subway option. The rapid bus is better than light rail. Subway is required in the corridor.

The app could use an update too. Maybe a way to have your app-ticket open for quick reference when getting on the bus, and the next departure at the same time.

The City of Austin needs rail. Rail works in every major city in the world. London is way more crowded than Austin yet they move people around via rail efficiently and quickly. We need to start by connecting the airport to downtown by rail. People will ride it, I promise. Build it and they will ride!

We need rail in Austin! If you can make this happen, the city will thank you!

I love the idea of rail, but it's so expensive. And the City of Austin is terrible maintaining budget and timeline. Bus routes can be easily rerouted based on changes in growth and need. Therefore, bus routes are preferred.

There are way too many parking spaces on the street in this city. Get rid of them and replace them with a rail system. If we do need to park, we can just use a parking garage.

We would love an underground rail system, and we would pay good money to use it.

We really need a light rail system between downtown and the airport.

Utilizing Parmer lane to 290 E, Dessau Rd to Howard lane. Use Access roads at heavy traffic times. Build bus only lanes. There are too many cars because not enough Buses more frequently. Use half price or free fares at peak hour 7-9am 5-7pm..hire and train better drivers. Rude people will break a business.

I am still waiting to get my rapid bus service at the corner of S Congress and St Elmo

Combine the Lamar northbound stops at Bluebonnet, #3 and #803.

Please build rail!! Austin needs it badly - we can't rely on individual cars forever and it'll make our city a lot nicer. We don't want another LA, Houston, or DC-metro area!!!! Terrible!

It would be great to see a bus line that serves Bowie High School. We live out of the Bowie area, but my children attend Bowie. They have to walk over a mile from the closest bus stop to get to Bowie.

As you are surely aware we MUST mix our solutions, core, close in and suburban, local, wider area and regional, above, below and surface. In the urban core we need to promote walk-ability, possibly even at the expense of biking. Surface and street parking probably needs to be restricted or eliminated in some areas in favor of multi-level garages. In less congested areas walk-ability and bicycling need higher priority. Careful consideration is needed in suburban areas to encourage multi-modal use of transit options and compact transit center footprints. It won't be easy to plan or sell the plans in central TX, but I am supportive. Consider prioritizing a hub and spoke system to get folks from several areas to/from the airport. A win here could get a much higher level of support. Good luck!

Will above ground monorail work, less space needed but not sure if cost effective to other options? Don't take any traffic lanes away...we're lost too many lanes outside of the central part of the city to bike lanes that are seldom used.

If the light rail ran for more hours and/or went more places (centrally east and west, additional services south), I would ride it all the time. It never runs late enough in the evening or on weekends to make it a viable option for transit.

Leave the current buses alone. You are removing the way for people in South Austin to get to work before 6 am with the new changes.

Bus Rapid Transit and light rail are tied. I'd ride either. Need more on construction cost vs long run maintenance cost.

Trading off turn lanes vs traffic lanes: need more on how removing turn lanes would work. no left turns is OK by me but that means U turns at the lights.

I like that your ads and public announcements make it clear that something has to be done. Need to get that message across politely. However, voting down light rail in 2000 directly leads to losing traffic lanes now. That is the trade off. But that message did not get out.

Any plan for mass transit that takes away any lanes of traffic for use by vehicles is a non-starter. Any expenditure on rail that is local is a non-starter. Any plans for rail should be limited to subway or above ground, and should only be started in the plan to to build rail connecting the north and south suburbs to downtown and UT. Any plans should provide infrastructure for trains that can carry at least 100 passengers each, and can run autonomously. Any rail that doesn't do this is a waste. Finally, close the Red Line (it doesn't do what it was supposed to do), scrap the downtown station and use the money for transit that moves actual people.

Bike lanes through the area are extremely important, but should be provided separately from car traffic.

Extend this corridor out 969 to the car dependent communities in the area of and past the toll road, to provide opportunities besides car ownership and reduce the number of cars blocking up that road coming into the city for these well populated communities.

Also restore local bus service to the residential areas surrounding this corridor at areas where stops were removed in the recent capmetro remap.

Please do not even consider an elevated line. It would divide the neighborhoods and destroy views.


Subways, subways, subways! They are the only way to make an impact on our traffic problems.
Subways are worth the money, light rail and more buses are not. We don't have to have a giant system of subways to make a real difference. Check out Kyoto, Japan, which is a small city and has two main subway routes. I've been there and It works well.
I would pay more taxes to get a real mass transit system with subways. Maybe businesses would chip in too.
Otherwise, after 10 years of building bus lanes and light rail, we will be in the same place we are now. Thanks for listening.


Rail (yes, it needs to be rail, not BRT) along the Drag, through downtown, and the river crossing all need to be in an underground tunnel to avoid conflicts associated with limited space (and ugliness) for support columns and major congestion and safety issues with at-grade operations. Outside of this core (let's say Guad from 34th Street south to Riverside, preferably also underground through SoCo, though less essential), running overhead is fine to save money. Avoid running at street level unless on corridors with few cross streets.


Please learn from 2014! Highland is not a priority corridor! I'm all for improving bus service along there, and if money were unlimited, rail would be great. But really, the 2 existing and 2 proposed MetroRapid corridors are the best places for light rail. Please build rail on N Lamar/Guad, SoCo, Riverside, Manor, South Lamar, and Burnet (and not just Burnet N of 183, but all the way down to 45th St)! That would make us the best transit city in the south! Highland can be sufficiently served by MetroRail Red Line (with relocated/expanded station per ACC's plans) and buses.

The transportation system in Austin needs to improve. I tried to become a full-time metro user, but the reliability was not there. I'm back to using my car and polluting the environment.

Reliability is so bad that I can ride my bike from SOCO to William Cannon faster than taking the bus.


I think that this effort is backwards. We have a problem with traffic congestion, and we are asked to consider alternatives for rapid transit. Let's start with a plan for new and expanded roads and freeways. We will have cars and more cars, and all we focus on are bicycle lanes and rail. Maybe the latter could complement a well thought out plan for new roads, but Cap Metro is taking the opposite approach.

We need light rail now! Reroute the freight train around Auatin and repurpose the tracks. Look to Salt Lake City for an example.

Southeast Austin is exceptionally underserved by cap metro. This needs to change. Transportation culture changes according to resources available. How can we better represent the underserved and voiceless communities for better transportation options? What is Cap Metro doing to facilitate communication considering all pertinent barriers?

I previously lived about 5 miles north of UT campus off of Lamar, and for 4 years was always very happy with Metro services. I had access to the 1, 801, Metro Rail and several other lines all within safe walking distance. I didn't ever think Metro was an issue. I recently moved to the south pleasant valley region, and boy was I wrong about Metro. It very seriously under serves a community that depends on Metro services, and appears to only be worsening. There are no rapid lines, transfers are horrible and unreliable, and the one flyer bus route (127) is being taken away with Cap Remap!! I am quite shocked at how openly segregating Captial Metro decisions have been.

Sun protection shelters

We need rail on the North Lamar/ Guadalupe corridor. Also, add a bus/train station at Parmer and Mopac. The Red Line can stop there, the #803 could use it as the north endpoint, and the #50 to Round Rock as well. COA should buy the land that was 'Weirdos' (nothing has ever stayed in business at this location anyway) and build the station. Use the area under the Parmer bridge for parking.

Will this help with affordability as well?

Your questions are very vague really no options this or that ..bummer. to me looks like your eliminating the eastside. MONTOPOLIS AREA. What does that come under Riverside... pleasant valley?

With all the additional developments popping up in SE Austin, we NEED something. A park and ride, direct bus, rail, anything. It needs to come all the way to Slaughter and McKinney Falls Parkway and go downtown. Currently there is not a way downtown from this are without a transfer and at least 90 minutes. Thank you!

I think this new transit plan thinned out too many bus stops.

The route from my home to my child's school has been changed as of June 3, making it impossible to get him there and then get to work on time. The old route worked wonderfully for years for me and other residents in our neighborhood. I thought the changes were supposed to help, not hurt us.

With above grade transportation, bike lanes can be added there to get them totally off the street where bikers are safer!

increase the light rail and lower the traffic congestion by linking the CoTA, The airport and the outlying ACC campuses. Have CoTA build light rail to the airport with a park and ride lot(at CoTA) connected to the airport and the city/colleges/businesses(hotels etc.) connect light rail to the airport and college campuses/down town Station/hub. From the main station buses, light rail, bikes and elec. cars can get throughout the entertainment areas and local of interest. Some monies could be garnered from surrounding counties in an inclusive effort to connect those outlying areas such as Bastrop, Elgin, Hays, Round Rock, Cedar Park, etc. to get thier populations into the metro areas and to encourage sight seeing and tourism from the surrounding areas and afar.

As someone who collects data for a living, this is a bogus survey. There are no costs associated with the survey, how it would be funded, or how much a respondent would be willing to pay for the proposed service. Any findings from this survey are problematic at best and more likely totally unusable by reasonable decision makers.

I need a bus rout that doesn't force me to detour through down town to get to/from work, and comes more frequently than once per hour. These are the main reasons why I do not currently take the bus. That and it is not acceptable for me to show up at work all sweaty and nasty from the heat, possibly with a sun burn. I need a rout that connects East Austin with the Highland area and doesn't take several hours to do so.

If you don't live/work on a corridor it take to long to get were you need to go.

Capital metro has helped me so much, thank you.

removing lanes from a raodway is not a solution to traffic problems.

A connection to Pflugerville would be amazing!

What do we do to get service extended into Hays?

I would frequently use a bus that runs along Dessau/Cameron and goes downtown. There is currently not a good public transit connection from my neighborhood to downtown.

Add more east and west routes. Have more frequent service on non-rapid routes as they often get to a destination faster anyway.

Please don't take away lanes of traffic. Move or build something to go around Austin, like a loop. Make elevated systems. We cannot keep taking away traffic lanes downtown.

Mono Rail

More transit options from Southeast Austin into downtown would be wonderful. Right now, south of Burleson and 183, there is no option for public transit.

I live about a mile past the last bus stop on Manchaca, which is at the HEB at slaughter. I need to take a ride share or taxi most of the way to use the bus or metro access services. There are are many low income individuals and families living in my apartment complex and I think it would be very helpful to all of us to extend the bus route further down Manchaca Rd.

WE'RE GOING TO NEED THE 100 BACK ON THIS CORRIDOR!!!!!! Or some faster option to get to/through downtown than the 20. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Also, please do not work with the EROC contact team. They have been holding meeting and making decisions claiming to represent East Riverside, but kept these meetings in secret from all the apartment communities on Riverside. They are discussing bulldozing our apartments to make room for condos and they are using CapMetro's numbers as an excuse for moving forward with the elimination of our community.

Please consider public transportation options for those who live South of South Austin in the Buda/Kyle area, as there ISSS an ACC there in Kyle and no public transportation in the area. Also, there are some people that live in Buda/Kyle that work in Austin, and traffic from Buda to downtown Austin is a PAIN!!!!!

Get us some traffic ease south of the river!!!! I have never understood why we have rail, but it STOPS before the congestion gets bad trying to cross the water. PLEASE extend rail to South Austin...Congress, S. 1st, Lamar...where ever! Thanks for the Rapid buses; however, link them to the RAIL! No one wants to take a series of buses especially for a long commute. I would gladly take a bus to the rail, rail the greatest amount of distance, and then catch another bus, if needed. Also, provide buses to cover the West <->East better with the rail working on the North <->South issue where traffic is congested. I'm ready to sell my house to move north of the river because it is unbearable. And finally, business will challenge you on rail like they did when it was tried for S. Congress, so do it above ground, so they don't 'lose' car and pedestrian traffic. The irony is I don't go to S. Congress to shop/spend money because there is no parking.

Until the planners are required to traverse the city only using public transit, with no exceptions, the bus service will continue not to serve those who use it.

I don't care that much if it's street level or not. On South Congress, above the street might really ruin the view to downtown and the Capitol. My guess is that underground would be very expensive. If the cost would not be prohibitive, that would be best, but I put street level because that seems most cost-effective and therefore more likely to be built.

This area would benefit greatly from faster, more reliable transit and become more attractive for future development.

Austin claims to be progressive but our transit is frankly an embarrassment; it’s time Austin leads Texas with a model transportation system.

Recycling at bus stops would be cool... and more seating at bus stops that do not have seating.


A line that runs through westgate --> techridge would be ideal. Whichever mode can be built fastest is preferred, this needs to happen soon! like 10 years ago!

Thank you for all the innovative work you're doing to increase mobility and public transit around the city. Keep it up!!!

I loved this survey! Thanks for asking for feedback.

Automated monorail/lightsail service that operates 24 hours day

Route the #20 down Berkman through Mueller

Ferries on Lady Bird Lake. The lake is not a barrier to movement it is a low cost alternative to movement South to north and east to west.

Please consider the "last mile problem" (i.e., how to get people from stops to their destinations) for those of us who are disabled (like some of my friends) or have enough mild/moderate chronic medical issues that they don't have a lot of physical stamina to walk far but are technically not bad off enough to be considered disabled. Thanks!

One way to boost ridership would be to value the riders that you already have. We have to walk longer now to get to a major corridor (20 minutes for me now that the 5 will be disConnected and replaced by the very limited 105. Shady sidewalks and real shelters from the elements and from the traffic are called for. It's a matter of public health and safety. Standing on S. 1st, S. Lamar or S. Congress for 10+ minutes in the afternoon heat and sun when it's 100º is not tolerable for everyone.

I love CapMetro and want it to succeed, but the South Lamar corridor is a problem during commuting times. It likely has a lot more to do with overall traffic planning because it's a disaster for low-capacity vehicles as well, but too much feeds into it for the laneage/space currently allocated.

The lack of high-frequency, non-shuttle transit departing from the UT area at 5 p.m. is a problem. That's when most of us are getting off work, and having to wait 15-20 minutes is an (at times serious) inconvenience.

How long have we heard let Capital Metro drive you. Take the bus! Some people got rid if their veichles and started taking the bus.
Now to make a better system you have "moved" the system from them? They are now consider elderly. What about Loyalty and the fact that we riders have built our livelihood around our bus system!
You have routes that don't start till 6am from main transfer stations but none that leave the neighborhoods to get us there?
Can you understand our frustration?
If not mine then read your Facebook comments?

Proud to be an American- Freedom of Speech. Thanks for your survey.

How long have we heard let Capital Metro drive you. Take the bus! Some people got rid if their veichles and started taking the bus.
Now to make a better system you have "moved" the system from them? They are now consider elderly. What about Loyalty and the fact that we riders have built our livelihood around our bus system!
You have routes that don't start till 6am from main transfer stations but none that leave the neighborhoods to get us there?
Can you understand our frustration?
If not mine then read your Facebook comments?

Proud to be an American- Freedom of Speech. Thanks for your survey.

How long have we heard let Capital Metro drive you. Take the bus! Some people got rid if their veichles and started taking the bus.
Now to make a better system you have "moved" the system from them? They are now consider elderly. What about Loyalty and the fact that we riders have built our livelihood around our bus system!
You have routes that don't start till 6am from main transfer stations but none that leave the neighborhoods to get us there?
Can you understand our frustration?
If not mine then read your Facebook.
Thanks for your survey.

Adding HCT should come with removing lanes for personal vehicles. Those lanes induce demand for use of the highly destructive personal auto which is wreaking havoc on the environment, the health of the populous, and the future economic prosperity of all. The HCT could more most economically implemented at street level WITHIN existing ROW by shifting use of the ROW away from personal vehicles and toward transit.

This needs to connect to regional commuter rail to San Marcos (and San Antonio).

the longer you wait the higher it will cost. more and more tech is moving into the corridor and might actually want another method of getting around

Make sure to keep public safety a number #1 priority

Currently, the red line runs through my Wooten neighborhood. We have bus service, but getting a station on the redline would be amazing and may give another access point between Howard and crestview.

I live in Wooten and find it quite hard to walk to the Lamar Transit Station, which is a great transportation hub. Lack of sidewalks, lack of pedestrian street crossings, lack of lighting under bridges, lack of shade, and proliferation of homeless people living under the 183 bridges are really big deterrents. I could drive and park at the Transit Station, of course, but that defeats the purpose of taking public transit, I think. Thanks so much for considering this!

My home is directly adjacent to Pleasant Valley and I would love to have light rail running along the corridor!

I'd prefer to have a couple of stops for easy access to the popular stretch of bars and restaurants on East 6th.

Everything that was done to change the routes made it worse for everyone I know. Not a single person I know is happy about the changes that y'all made. Everyone I know would love it if you changed it back to the way it was before. Y'all could have upped the fare instead of this and we would've been less dissatisfied. The changes y'all made obviously only benefit Capital Metro. It's very disenchanting. I used to brag about how great the bus system was here.

More MetroRail! I want to move to Manor to the Whisper Valley area. My biggest issue with moving out there is having to drive into Austin proper for work. Traffic is terrible! I-35 is a constant giant headache. I currently have the luxury of being 5 minutes from the Howard metro station and I love taking the light rail into downtown. Buses just add more to the congestion, unless you designate a bus only lane. Bikes lanes don't help when you're 15+ miles out from work. And for my wife who's disabled, but going to school in St. Edward's University, she typically spends almost 2 hours in the car when she has to drive to class and back home. That's pathetic. Why aren't there stops on the UT and SEU campus' for the light rail?

Metro Rail please!!!!! Enough congestion in the city. More light rails!!!!

Just think what a metro stop near ACL entrance could do...

Current reduction in service, broken connections requiring walking to other blocks to connect, reduced service, multiple transfers, and your "streamlining" are forcing people to get back into cars or stay at home. CapMetro is moving in the wrong direction.

As someone who lives in South Austin, CapMetro's decisions have extreme negative impact on the quality of my life, including limiting professional opportunities and basic quality of life. For someone living in South Austin, working in North Austin means adding hours of commute time, if it is even possible to get there, and service is often located where walking on streets where there is no sidewalk occurs, and is not near crosswalks or places people need to go.

Your survey is very biased, and doesn't take into account the real needs of people who either need or want to use mass transit in Austin.

Unfortunately, Cap Remap is pretty horrible. I have to walk a lot more now, which isn’t convenient or efficient. I feel like there’s a group of people that are no longer being served because of the changes. Yes, frequency is good, but until there is a reorg that tries to serve more people and is convenient to get to, I don’t see ridership numbers going up.

I'm getting all the help I need to travel around Austin IE work, church, grocery shopping/leisure shopping & going to Dr. appointments & physical therapy appointments.

Need to connect HCT within Mueller development

It's not enough to have these improved travel options, you need to make them accessible. The newest remap emphasizes rapid transit along popular corridors, but has reduced options within neighborhoods, so getting to frequent bus lines and rapid transit, metro link, etc is more difficult. Having all these options doesn't do any good if it is burdensome to get to them.

I ride the 990 in from Manor. I live in Taylor and drive from Taylor to Manor to catch the 990. I'd love to see bus service from Taylor directly, even via Hutto.

I ride the 990 in from Manor. I live in Taylor and drive from Taylor to Manor to catch the 990. I'd love to see bus service from Taylor directly, even via Hutto.

I ride the 990 in from Manor. I live in Taylor and drive from Taylor to Manor to catch the 990. I'd love to see bus service from Taylor directly, even via Hutto.

The primary issue I have with the current South Lamar corridor is that none of the bus lines connect with the light rail station at the convention center.

the june 3 reorg has interfered negatively with all the routes I used most frequently, those being 5, 7, 10, 20

Mueller has always been planned to accept transit and it's still ready for it today, especially along Berkman Drive. Don't let the "transit advocates" who are only interested in one corridor bully you into submission. Just because a route includes Mueller (with its eventual 28,000 people working and living here) doesn't mean it's only about Mueller. Think about all of the homes and businesses along the route and the future growth to places like Colony Park.

Linking our airport to downtown transportation hubs with high speed rail should be CapMetro's number one tourist convenience and ride revenue opportunity for the whole system. It is criminal that a vibrant, high-growth, progressive city does not have a high-speed link to its airport.

Easier connection from Tech Ridge to the Domain. Something like Route 243 that goes between Howard Station and Tech Ridge should be added to go from the Domain to Tech Ridge. Inside the Domain streets, not just the outskirts like 803 or 392.

This survey is a little silly. There are different segments along this line that will require different treatments. It's really impossible to ask it of the entire line.

Generally, I favor light rail on this corridor.

Cap Metro is a great way to get around. Next month I will donate my car to charity and use only public transportation and possibly car-sharing. Thanks for the new Metro Rapid stop at Wheatsville. My doctor is moving to Cedar Park from Round Rock. I am hopeful that there will be Cap Metro in Cedar Park. The drivers are helpful, courteous and respectful.

We desperately need light rail on South Lamar.

CapMetro STINKS!
I wish you would dissolve yourself and give us back our tax money.

I BELIEVE in public transit.
I formerly USED public transit.

But in the 2 decades that I've lived in Austin, CapMetro has done nothing but DESTROY local transit service in favor of commuter service from suburbs that don't even contribute their tax dollars to the system.

You have eliminated dozens of in-town routes.
You have eliminated the Dillo service.
And most incredibly, you have eliminated free transfers between routes.

After the recent service changes, when CapMetro offered a week of free service, I TRIED desperately to find a way to use a bus to get to my destinations and could not find a SINGLE case where there was sufficient service to get me to my destination without at least a 15 min walk to or from the bus stop, most often on both ends. The service downtown is particularly pathetic. Do you REALLY expect people to walk all the way from Lavaca to Red River!

JUST GIVE UP, you have FAILED miserably.

This survey is bogus.
We were given only TWO choices as to which we would be willing to ride, "Light*" Rail, and Bus "Rapid**" Transit. I was looking for a THIRD, a FOURTH, a FIFTH, and a SIXTH choice - Monorail, MagLev, PRT, and Metrorail.

But the corporate-owned IDIOTS at CapMetro will NEVER offer those choices***!

* "Light" refers to the NUMBER of passengers that can be CRAMMED into a trolley car. It does NOT refer to the WEIGHT of the behemoth, or the HUGE number of people KILLED and MAIMED each YEAR when the over-weight cars RAM into pedestrians, passengers in cars and trucks, or into persons innocently inhabiting buildings into which they crash when they JUMP the rails!

** "Rapid" should not be associated with busses or antiquated trolleys (a.k.a. "Light" Rail). When I think of RAPID, and think of DC Metrorail which travels at 90 mph, while cars are STUCK in traffic!

*** Why won't CapMetro give more choices? FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Drop Mic!

Great survey, and I appreciate the thoughtful approach that you and the team are taking to solving the traffic we all live with daily. Please help to bring Austin into the 21st Century by offering rail service to its citizens!

It would be nice if lighted signs on bus displayed the next stop.

The cap remap made two routes I used on a regular basis no longer viable. And no, I have not noticed less wait times. Quite the opposite.

Please consider SHORT Buses, not LONG Buses, for your Bus Lanes. Shorter buses are more agile, require less space on the road, and can move faster. The Long buses are like a big waddling duck and occupy too much of the lanes. With shorter buses, you can actually have TRUE SPRINTERS ... not just by name. I know what you are going to say, but let it go: "short buses and long buses require the same amount of maintenance" but that doesn't matter if no one is riding them. FAST SHORT buses like they use in Mexico City are awesome. OR ... allow Private Industry to operate SPRINTERS (Short Buses) and to use the Bus Stops. Possible? Maybe Private Enterprise could do it better, just an idea from what I witness in other countries.

Definitely use ELEVATED MonoRail type of trains for transportation to the Airport where needed, or use the extra ROW alongside Burleson on that rail line. There is plenty of land to use for an elevated monorail in other spaces also, and you Do Not have to follow the freeway. The big advantage of ELEVATED is that it is easy to build, no road, bike, pedestrian crossings, no animals or humans getting on the rail line and getting zapped. You could also but an elevated bike lane along with the elevated Light Rail.

Elevated Rail, like a MonoRail, would be the best because it would not have to be concerned with pedestrians, cars, bikes, or animals.

Need more security on busses (not rail) to deal with violent homeless population. More incidents are occurring than in years past.

need to offer more gig economy transportation alternatives. Autonomous vehicles, car2go, dockless scooters and bicycles, uber, etc.

Is the gondola idea totally dead? I thought it was the least expensive way to move people quickly above existing rights of way.

I know that it is tempting to adopt a solution that impairs the use of automobiles because that will, it is thought, increase ridership. Don't do that. You need to be a solution, not the last surviving option in a failed system.

I am visually impaired and have difficulty w buses. Would love a rail system to the domain and airport and up and down Lamar

I am a strong proponent of a city-wide train system for Austin. I like the model in Portland, OR.

I’d love for Austin to have an underground public transportation system like big cities do! I’d ride every day if it went South to North, like Mopac does - as is now, the bus doesn’t bring me to and from work so it’s useless to me. When I lived in San Francisco I rode Bart & muni every day!

Please do not invest on pharaonic infrastructure before improving the existing routes. Increase frequency and number of bus stops before building stuff.

Happy with the CapRemap changes but I really wish CapMetro offered 24 hour service on major lines, even If there was only one bus per hour. It’s kind of ridiculous that I have to wait until after 6am to catch a southbound #3 bus at Manchaca and Stassney.

I am very disappointed that the 464 route was discontinued. I would get dropped off in front of the Texas Workforce Commission building. I am unable to walk the distance from the 465 route. :-(

Cap remap has made my bus options for traveling to work slightly more reliable and my options for returning home substantially less reliable.

Austin needs a train. Trains work in every major city in the world. Plus, it is good for the environment. Really, please build a train from the airport to downtown.

Need bus service in far south Austin

Cost of light rail is excessive.

I am a native Austinite

Cap Metro has been an expensive boondoggle from the very beginning, your organization wastes much of the taxpayer money just read the research by Skaggs and Daugherty

Bring back the 21/22 bus route

Please think about how this will affect people with disabilities and limited mobility. Walking great distances is something I can't do due to a car accident a couple of years back. It would be nice to have multiple stops like we currently have no when it comes to the bus system

The lightrail proposal that went from north lamar, guadalupe, and south lamar would be ideal

This plan is so badly needed in austin. It's long overdue thanks to voters continually voting against plans like this. Please make it happen! I don't care what it costs because it is absolutely necessary, and it will only cost more the longer we wait.

Above street pods are the answer to our intra-city congestion (and, by the way, why hasn't construction on Congress, Lamar and South 1st street corridors already begun since individuals in the area have offered to pay for at least a trial elevated pod system?), but commuter traffic must be addressed by our Congress and our state legislators by funding additional multi-level asphalt, period. Look at what San Antonio has been able to accomplish......

The biggest element that all these great ideas need is the ability to get to them 'easily' from one's house. UT moved my offices up to Pickle West, and so my easy commute of walk and 981/982/983 went out the door, and after 4 days of trying to get here by bus from my house, and it taking over an hour each way (2 buses minimum) I gave up and brought a parking permit. As a Londoner it kills me to drive every day, and not use transit and reduce my carbon footprint - even though it takes me 5 minutes to get to work by car so I understand I have the dream commute. So the corridors are great, and you should work to these, and I will support as these are vitally needed, but if I can't get to a corridor to access for me it's difficult (and if I don't do it, you can be Texans won't) as I have meetings and have to meet with my students who work in research with me and I can't waste their time. But where possible, if I have these and I can take the bus I do so. I've even got on the no.3 rode it to Burnett and transferred to the 803 to get downtown. Again, though I should say I'm a born and bred London-er, so I like to use transit and to walk.

make the rapid at least $.25 more expensive again.

Best of Luck

More options South of Slaughter Ln. More Park-n-Rides with buses or trains.
Add another pick-up time in the morning to the 171 Oak Hill Flyer (North Bound) bus. Time between the 7:13 and 7:44 too long

Please create transit options that service existing demand - not future/projected demand. This is exactly why Prop 1 failed in 2014. Do not make this a give away to the powerful development interests in Austin. People that will live in new developments won't be using public transportation anyways so servicing existing demand is the best approach to ensure high ridership and success. Thanks!

I'll likely die of old age before any of this becomes a reality, but I applaud Cap Metro for planning far ahead. But the City needs to flex its muscle, too, like approving the building of new apartments along a certain corridor only if they have no or little parking and thus force residents live without cars and to take public transit, cabs or ride share.

I would ride Capital Metro somewhat regularly if it serviced my area during the times I go to and from work and on weekends when I go downtown. I'm off Burleson Road at McKinney Falls and we have minimal bus service and never a bus that takes me anywhere close to where I'm going. I also would like the option to take a bus or light rail instead of hiring an Uber to take me downtown during events. It's a shame I live 10-15 minutes from downtown and Capital Metro provides no reasonable options to get me there on the weekends.

I can't wait to have more regular east- west service. It's difficult using transit for anything but going downtown. I often have to transfer to go from South Lamar to east Austin and that takes forever. I would also like better/more frequent connection from south Lamar to shopping centers like Brodie Oaks, Westgate, and Sunset Valley Area. Yes, the buses go there, but they drop you off in parking lot land without much pedestrian infrastructure.

Please don't give up the option of light rail. I have lived in cities with light rail and, like others who have lived with light rail, I know that it's a very efficient way to navigate an urban space. Light rail would be a great asset for Austin.

I used to ride the bus when I worked at UT and I loved it. Now that I’m disabled, figuring out routes and schedules seems overwhelming. But if there were more direct routes to get downtown, I’d use it again.

Metro is meeting the needs of Bus Riders in this city, now if the city can help with getting people out of cars, the traffic problems with nearly be solved. I would like to see the city use a tax- for driving on city roads.

We live in East Travis Heights near the main intersection of Parker/Woodland. It's about 3/4 of a mile from our house to East Riverside, and about 1/4 of a mile from our house to East Oltorf. I don't know of anyone from our neighborhood who takes public transit to and from our neighborhood. If there was a connector bus along Parker Lane, I wonder if it would encourage more people to take the bus. I have a flexible schedule and probably would, but I'm just not willing to walk far in the Texas heat when I have a perfectly good car with air conditioning.

I would ride the bus a lot more often if I could get to work (The Arboretum) from where I live (St. Johns neighborhood). Currently I have to walk a mile to the Lamar Transit Center in order to catch the bus.

The metrorail is perfect for getting downtown for events, but only useful for everyday if you already have a car.

I prefer above ground transit and not underground. Underground would cost the city too much and take too much time to build. I also would like to see more bike rack and wheelchair spaces on buses.

I want LRT and I want it everywhere. We need to dedicated ROW to transit now.

For elderly folks like me, please ensure bus routes access major medical centers and points around those hospitals and centers (eg outpatient providers who have offices around the hospitals. I always use St. David's North which I can get to with one bus change.

True Bus Rapid Transit (not Metro Rapid) is easily the most viable option, so please consider it seriously!

Go big with the solution and keep transit separate from car traffic!

You've never gotten anything right yet.

For this to work, you have to make it easy to get to stations. I have never once taken the rail, as my bus stop is much closer to walk.

The bus getting worse and worse all the time since I first live here in Austin

Can you please either make an elevated train like Chicago has or make a subway like NYC? Austin is growing way too fast to not have some sort of Train transportation! I live in Slaughter and Manchaca area, there is a perfect spot for a train station right on the corner of Manchaca and Slaughter to get people from Buda and SATX to get to downtown or up north?
Why is Austin not keeping up with the growth? We need a train system and we needed it 25 years ago!!!

Why can't Austin have a train that takes you to the airport? Austin needs an L train like Chicago and needs it NOW! Please stop with the buses and build a train system without taking away car lanes.

Stop wasting tax pay dollars on another light rail proposal. Capital Metro doesn't have the technical ability or the confidence of the tax payers to pull off building a real rail system that is truly high speed with grade separated tracks. More proposals by Capital Metro to build rail by taking away existing heavily used traffic lanes and funding the system through property taxes are dead in the water. Get a vision for the future that beaks away from 19th century thinking of fixed rail and bus routes and embrace a transit future that is more flexible and agile with shared ride type services like Urber and Lyft.

Since the MLK corridor is so tight, I’d prefer to utilize the roadway pavement for vehicles and HCT, and slightly widen the sidewalks to make them useable for bikes and peds.

Please allow for some light rail connection from the MLK redline station to the airport. Also the 4th street station to the airport.

North of 183, Lamar, Burnet, and N. MoPac should be in the same corridor.

Please add more shade cover to Metro Rapid stops. Also, it seems like Metro Rapid buses are shakier than the regular buses for some reason.

A train line up and down Lamar would be wonderful. Hard to get done, but would pay off greatly for everyone up north commuting central or south

People throughput is what matters, not vehicle throughput. Consider below-grade solutions for cars, not just for transit.

Extend service to Hays County. Or commuter line from San Marcos to Austin please

Your question about the preferred type of transit I would like to ride in this corridor is fatally flawed. Underground transit would almost certainly be technically "heavy rail" and that was not an option. Light rail is a waste of money and should be avoided at all cost, so by making this the only rail choice, you will underestimate the support for rail among informed individuals like myself.

You should stick with the status quo unless you intend to build a rail line that would take vehicles off city streets and freeways. The only thing that can accomplish this is high density rail, running underground and extending to the northern and southern suburbs, preferably at least to Round Rock in the north and to Buda or SH45 SE in the south.

It is absurd that I have to go North to go South on Lamar from where I live on 12th street. Yet another screwed up route thanks to CapMetro's new reconfiguring. What a disaster!

Run one route on S Congress only

We need a Guadalupe-Lamar urban rail line.

You've made a big mistake getting rid of the 100 bus to the airport. I work at the information center there and many, many people want to use the bus to get from ABIA to downtown. The 20 bus just can't handle it and is very slow. You a need a bus dedicated to the airport. I also volunteer at Dell Seton Medical Center on 15th and Red River. You have no bus at 15th and Red River anymore. This is creating a hardship on many people who relied on that intersection to get to the hospital. I would take the bus there but there is no direct route! I can take the 7 bus downtown but then how do I get to the hospital ? There should be a direct connection but there is not. I am 72 years old and I am not going to walk blocks in the heat. So I will continue to drive.

Bus/Rapid Transit is a good idea too. Next best thing.

Please do not remove regular bus service from the North Lamar corridor. While the current rapid service is nice to ride on sometimes, the Texas sun is too draining to walk further to a busstop than necessary. If I had to choose only normal bus service OR any of the options mentioned above, I would choose normal bus service every time because spending less time outside sweating is my highest priority.

Cap Metro needs to have buses operate 24/7 people work 24/7 and the ones most likely to take a bus work the night shifts! I had to walk 5 miles for years to catch the last bus that ran and that was at 12:00 am. I worked a job that if I ran I could barely make the last pick-up and then had to walk 5 miles after the last drop off just to get home.

Please return the number 7 line, north and southbound, to its pre-Cap Remap frequency of every 15 minutes. This line is a vital one that serves both north and south of the river and since the release of Cap Remap, it’s been nothing but late, overcrowded, and slow.

definitely against rail line on Riverside

Bring back busses #21 and #22. They were the only way for me to get to work on Exposition. Now you have barely any busses on Exposition. Is it a wealthy thing? They dont like busses in thrir hood? Their maids ned to get to work too. Also. Your 7 and 20 busses are nowhere near your supposed 15 min schedules. 7 is closer. I have ridden the 20 bus since your change about 4 times on my way home from work. Its totally packed no matter what time i ride it. I stand all day! Im 64. No young people will get out of the front seats. I got a hip replaced recenyly i cannoy stand. Ill fall. Why dont drivers enforce the law? If this bus were every 15 mins it would not be packed EVERYTIME i ride it. I nd up walking a few blocks for the 7 which use to dtop at same place. All hail Cap Remap!!!!

If we go above grade, it should be as quiet as possible. If you we go at-grade, we should remove parking on South Congress (even if only during rush hours)

While we can go above grade at the 183 / 71 crossing and there is plenty of room at-grade along most of East Riverside, the section WEST of IH35 should probably be underground. That is a residential neighborhood and elevated guideway will not go over well.

A tunnel seems worthwhile for The Drag. Otherwise, service probably could operate at street level.

South Lamar is a very constrained ROW. There are excellent North/South Bike Blvd in Zilker and Bouldin, and South Lamar is very hostile towards bike riders. As such, it might make sense to double-down on bike infrastructure elsewhere and remove it from South Lamar itself. If we go with an elevated system, perhaps bikes can be integrated underneath.

To be honest, I’d love to see a subway on this corridor, but I might accept an elevated guideway, since the street is already very loud. To keep the noise down, I would recommend rubber tires.

This area has enough road capacity to operate at grade. There doesn’t seem to be enough density to justify rail just yet.

In my 35 year hate-love-hate-love relationship with CAP Metro y'all have managed to chap my hide once again. You took my beloved Route 17 stop and moved it from one block to my work place to five blocks from my workplace (8th & Lavaca to 4th & Guadalupe). How is this connecting me to anything besides heatstroke? To add insult to injury y'all haven't put up so much as a umbrella at the new stop. I've never felt like such a second class citizen with y'all ever. Y'all have sunk to a new low on planning...or the lack of. Please before winter comes, get some shade at the 17 stop at Republic Square...please!

High-capacity transit on this corridor will best serve the most people of all income levels for the least cost. We should pursue it and the east riverside corridor as soon as possible.

I would love to see more light rails around Austin. Most of my friends are in support of light rails like the one that goes from DT all the way to Leander. We love riding it, and would ride it more if it existed in other parts of the city. Austin is growing way too rapidly; we're going to end up like LA if we don't act fast. We need more transit options such as an additional light rail route!

Focus energy and dollars on the east riverside corridor with transportation starting in CBD to the airport.

The "last mile" is a problem in all sub-markets except down town. The COA needs to expand the ability of the connector options (BIRD, LIME, PACE, etc) so they can help to close the gap.

Do something quickly! I live very close to downtown (Clarksville) and work downtown. I would take the bus or other mode if it were convenient an flexible. I also wish I could the train from central downtown to other attractions like UT, Domain, Barton Creek Mall, or South Congress.

Include surrounding towns in the network.

You will never be able to get the people who live along the N. Lamar corridor route to vote for construction along the corridor. Its congested over there. Your best bet is to do high-construction projects elsewhere.

Austin does not end at Ben White/71 in the South... why must all the updates focus on central and North Austin? South Austin is severely overlooked and its incredibly frustrating.

There is a whole other section of South Austin below Ben White/71. Please don't forget us with all the focus on updated services and amenities provided to central and North Austin?

As a rider with a disability, my main concern is that any changes would be accessible. As it is, I have trouble (safely) getting to the bus, so I hope access is a priority.


Subways are the only choice which will provide relief and will take people where they want to go.
That is why subways are worth the cost. If given the choice, Austinites would pay for subways instead of clogging the streets with more busses and light rail. And we don't have to pay for an entire subway system - we could add lines as needed.
Kyoto, Japan is an example of a smaller city that has only 2 lines and it works! I've been there and I wish you could go there to do research! Light rail and busses will not carry enough riders to make a difference.

I love riding CapMetro. The only problem I have is most lines are either south and north only. There should be some east and west routes on major streets like Parmer, Braker, also Dessau needs needs a route. Also more connecting lines to the Kramer rail station. Or at least more lines closer to the station.

We should be maximizing the money available to us to build these public transit solutions, by focusing on technology that provides the greatest rider capacity for the least cost.

We need rail on Guadalupe/N Lamar! I have been VERY disappointed by CapMetro's new CEO talking as if buses with dedicated lanes would be just as good as trains. We all know better. I hope he comes to his senses. We need grade-separated driverless trains that run frequently. Along the Drag, in downtown, crossing the river, and going through the heart of SoCo, the train should be underground (subway). Everywhere else an elevated train would work great.

For 7th Street/Lake Austin Blvd, a mix of street-running or subway (along Lake Austin Blvd.), subway (downtown), and elevated (E 7th St) would make the most sense. This definitely needs to be a TRAIN (not bus) and should be driverless so it can be more affordably operated. It needs to run super frequently.

Interested in seeing some type of transit to Manor,Elgin area

Need more efficient routes. To travel from far east Austin (Decker Lane area) to central Austin takes roughly 2 hours, with changes to different lines several times. Expanding Metro Rail access or creating an underground option would be the most beneficial for the increasing population of Austin.

Need basic "spine" from Southpark Meadows to Tech Ridge -- high capacity, fast transit. And all other lines build off that spine line. This line MUST be scalable -- the ability to add cars, frequency, etc. to carry LOTS of people.

When I use CapMetro I frequently bring my bike with me, and it works really well.

Bring back routes 21/22. More frequent buses on 19.

The #18 route needs to provide better access to the UT campus as it used to. A stop at the Bullock Museum would be very useful as one could go right to the pedestrian mall across the street. Or the #663 could stop at the mid-Lavaca stop as well as at 15th and Lavaca to minimize bus changes during commute times. Drivers are quite aggressive about turning onto MLK as the light switches to walk, so it can be dicey to get across before the countdown hits 0.

I ranked underground as least preferred simply because the cost is enormous. I understand elevated can cost just as much but at least it's more practical in a timeline and encounters less resistance (literally). At-grade is difficult in many areas that don't have sufficient ROW and property buyouts would stretch into the billions of dollars to go several miles. Realistically, to have a dedicated service from where I live near Slaughter and Brodie all the way to downtown where I work, it would likely be a combination of at least two of the three.

Stop messing around and do this already. We've wasted 35 years arguing about this corridor.


Without the 338 we can no longer get to I-35 and Stassney restaurants (one bus 338-311), Waterloo Records at 6th and Lamar, Pease Park and doctor/dentist on Medical Parkway. Now it takes much longer to go through downtown and campus to reach Medical, and a transfer (which can be long hot wait) for Waterloo Records and Pease. Seldom have changes been beneficial, and with no warning or chance to propose meaningful changes before having routes removed leaves riders without useful options. A few more changes and I will be a former rider of the bus.

I would love more light rail options. Especially from south Austin, south of Ben white to north Austin

I have noticed that there are miles of bollards on MOPAC to separate the toll lanes from non-toll lanes. If we can afford to put bollards on MOPAC, we should be able to put bollards on the bike lanes on S. Lamar to improve the safety of bicyclist.

Look at Brentwood Neighborhood Plan which addresses our vision of transportation on N. Lamar

anything that would help the buses to run on time would help. I just do not have the patience to deal with a bus that skips an entire route or is late and causes you to miss your connection.


The line in which I chose to participate does not come anywhere near my residence. Yet the regional shopping center at Hill Country Galleria is a central gathering spot for so many people. Metro is the only agency responsible for the Greater Austin Region . It needs to look at the demographics of where people are congregating (i.e. the rail line to the Domain) and consider how best to serve not only it's public but how to most easily obtain ridership to pay the costs of systems. I spent 20 years in light and heavy rail systems, five years of which I servedon the APTA Board as head of research & development and did the same for 10 years for the Transit Coop Research Program. Austin is falling behind the curve in demographic support.

Really miss #5. Daughter is vision impaired and it was stopping in front of her house then dropping her off a block from her work. Now she walks several blocks.

CapMetro needs to stop trying to build shared grade light rail. It is ignorant to think that is the solution we should leave for future generations. High speed mass transit is a multi generational project.

What does HCT mean? I looked and the first place I noticed it there was no definition.

The question "Do you ride CapMetro" is really bad. There are those who are regular customers, those who are infrequent customers and those who are not customers. Having a binary question like this will distort your results.

I really like the direction you are going in. Please please please make more rail!

Expensive transit to the airport is dumb. Half of Austinites don't even fly, and the rest will find excuses not to take it. It's especially dumb if you have to build parking lots for people to get to the train and not park at the Airport (do not succumb to this temptation!)

But it's a political gambit - people envision themselves take the train to the airport and so will vote for a train to the airport. The trick is to promise it as a second or third or fourth phase, and then only build it when you've got your complete system already. It'll still be a waste of money, but you'll have your system in place.

I used to take the bus to work downtown. My bus route was changed. On the weekends I would take the bus to the grocery store, movie theater, shopping, dinner and drinks. Now there's no way to do this so I drive again. I miss my bus and meeting the locals that I met on the former #5

Maximize dedicated lanes for transit!

Please work with the City of Austin and other cities participating in your services to find ways to connect bus stops to sidewalks. There are so many stretches of roadways where the bus stop is paved but there is no sidewalk connections so people walk in the roadways instead of in the grass or dirt.

Buses should be saer. Drivers should stop the bus and remove passengers who are loud, threatening., obscene or violent. A dear friend of mine was viciously attacked on the bus . The woman who attacked her had exposed herself to other passengers. Tried to get hold of an old man's wallet, tried to take a purse from an elderly person. The bus driver was aware of the problems and did nothing. He wouldn't even stop after that passenger severely injured my friend and only then because the other passengers were screaming for him to stop. Now my friend is scared to ride the bus. That attack took away her independence. She's still having headaches six months later. That driver should have been severely disciplined but I doubt anything was done?

Since it’s inception cap metro has been an ongoing boondoggle
The benefits ausinites get minimal for the $$$ spent

Subway seems most costly and takes longest. Check out BYD monorail.

Please use electric, not diesel

Electric is better than dirty diesel, thx!

Electric vs diesel please

For gosh sake bring rail south of the river! Areas of Southwest Austin and Dripping Springs are completely underserved. Bus service from AMD was recently eliminated? Many of us in this area desire transportation to downtown.

Run buses through neighborhoods, and go out beyond Austin, and more people would park cars and ride .

Go to some cities/countries with successful models of transit (Tokyo, San francisco, London, Sao Paulo) and learn from them instead of asking people that only know american cities with no public transportation and grew up using 'car-only' transportation what they want.

Extend the S Lamar corridor to Slaughter/Manchaca

It's very important for residents of South Austin to have a faster way to get to North Austin, where the majority of new jobs are.

When are you expanding the commuter train out to Elgin

Bike lanes should be protected by concrete barriers.

Manor is exploding population wise. We need more options. A light rail line with parking would make life easier.

I miss route 338

Austin is too hot to wait for a bus. Getting a light rail out to the airport should be a priority.

Increase evening hours on a regular basis for the rail and I would ride it more. I prefer the rail to buses, but end up riding buses because I like to stay downtown later. Bus lines from rail stations would be good too, so I didn’t have to park near Crestview.

Round Rock needs a link.... DFW did a great job of their sbove ground over head cantenany system. Fast to build.

It is difficult to see how this survey really informs...and it's part of a general pattern here in Austin where residents seem to have little meaningful input while businesses own the decision making processes on transport and development.

Austin will cease to attract top companies until they get a decent mass transit system that is NOT on the street. Above street level could add bicycle and walking paths--what a vision! Put the bike/pedestrian lanes under elevated train for shade (much needed) and rain protection (limited need)—not to mention lives save by separating bicycles from larger vehicles. China has done it, why not Austin!

Would like to see improvement on the cap metro phone app

Please make a train to the airport and connect it to come from a station that you make by Slaughter and Manchaca! Austin is so far behind in the train game!

In the rank order questions, it was not obvious that we should click and drag. There is a danger to click Next without understanding the method, which would create false data that cannot be distinguished. I suggest to add "Click and drag" to the instructions.

Please don't remove bike lanes. If anything add more.

Light rail starting in N Lamar-Guadalupe-S Congress corridor should be the basic spine of an ultimately regional light rail system.

Light rail is essential component of public transportation system to ensure adequate future mobility.

It was absurd to take buses off Congress downtown. The big detour at Riverside wastes time and confuses new passengers. All the foot traffic downtown is on Congress but bus stops are up the hill a couple blocks. Meanwhile, the right lane on Congress is a de facto parking lot for people leaving their cars to run into convenience stores, post office, etc. Bikes have to use middle lane to get around double parking and long lines for right turns, especially at 4th and 5th streets.

It was absurd to take buses off Congress downtown. The big detour at Riverside wastes time and confuses new passengers. All the foot traffic downtown is on Congress but bus stops are up the hill a couple blocks. Meanwhile, the right lane on Congress is a de facto parking lot for people leaving their cars to run into convenience stores, post office, etc. Bikes have to use middle lane to get around double parking and long lines for right turns, especially at 4th and 5th streets.

Trains, please.

The creation of a more effective transportation system will definitely increase ridership with Capital Metro. I believe the creation of this system takes precedence over bike lanes and prettying up Austin. With the increasing population this system needs to be created ASAP. I am prefer an above ground system over anything else as I believe it will be cheaper and quicker to build.

Also, bring route 240 back. The elimination of this route has caused my family to make massive changes in order to get to work and other locations.

Need to get something going to the airport from all the transportation hubs in the city. You would think this would be first but doesn't seem to be on the list!

I wish there was a way to easily go through east Austin as it is very popular, but hard to get around by bus from different parts of Austin. I would frequently take the 320 to go through the area, but am I no longer able to do so as the 320 route has been removed. Even just getting a designated lane or specific route would be nice that also takes the mteorail into account and it's surroundings like the library and different parks in the area.

Please do light rail! It's the only way to make this corridor reach its potential.
And subway through downtown and the drag at least. Elevate after that.

Light rail is necessary for this corridor to make it ready for future growth. Also so that it can be interoperable with the streetcar that the downtown circulator should be so they can interline to oltorf.

Some bus stops along 51st need shading canopies, as there are families who have to wait exposed to the heat or rain.

I can't even believe you took the 5 away from the UT neighborhood and replace it with UT shuttles!! Now there is a complete lack of transport there. What is the neighborhood supposed to with a bus that doesn't run on the weekends? Right now I would have to walk from 30th and Speedway to the Natural Grocers on Guadalupe. Oh wait, it is over 100 degrees. Just ridiculous. The 5 took you west of Speedway. Trying to get from 30th and Speedway to the Belo Center? Guess I have would have to walk to that too. Oh, wait maybe I should walk all the way over to the 3. Nothing up to 38th on the weekends, and nothing just right over to the Belo Center ever without a long walk. I guess you imagine everyone is just so mobile and healthy enough to walk all over in this heat.

Signage at each stop that states frequency of route during peak and non-peak times. I find this very useful/convenient when taking Metro in Houston, so i have to refer to google maps less often. :-)

The HTC needs dedicated right of way so it is quicker. Also, there needs to be more education on the efficiency of mass transit — eg the car is very wasteful on space