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Project Connect

Project Connect: Virtual Open House

Project Connect Overview

Central Texas is rapidly changing. Our population just hit 2 million and it’s projected to double by 2040. In that same time, road capacity is expected to increase by only 15 percent. We need a change.

Capital Metro is working with the community to develop a new, comprehensive transit vision to improve existing transit services and develop new, high-capacity public transportation projects that provide efficient travel options into, out of, and around Central Texas. We call this vision, Project Connect.

Project Connect is all about developing innovative solutions that move more people; a complete system of reliable and frequent transit with congestion-proof services that operate free from other traffic.


  • Improved reliability
  • A stronger transportation network
  • Expanded access to jobs
  • Expanded span of service
  • Investment in the future
  • Support for regional plans
  • More mode options
  • Thriving communities
  • Sustainability and improved air quality
  • Increased frequency and faster travel
  • Sustainability and improved air quality


Rapid growth is affecting all travel modes and travel times.

Transit options such as affordable and reliable public transportation provides better transit options linking residents to jobs.

Creates a Central Corridor for a Better Regional Transit System.

Limited ability to increase roadway width along major roadways and corridors in Austin. Project Connect will move more people in a limited amount of space.

Connects Activity Centers and Manages Future Growth with better Transit Service, providing communities reliable and efficient access.

Learn More About the Projects

Learn more about the Light Rail Orange Line and share your opinions.

Learn more about MetroRapid and share your opinions.

Learn more about the Red and Green Line and share your opinions.

Learn more about MetroBus, MetroAccess and Neighborhood Circulators and share your opinions.

Long Term Vision

Below you will find the Project Connect Recommended System Plan Map. This map summarizes all the improvements discussed in the icons above. After viewing the various components, please share your feedback with us.