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Project Connect: Orange Line Virtual Open House #2

Project Connect

Central Texas is rapidly changing. Our population just hit 2 million and it’s projected to double by 2040. In that same time, road capacity is expected to increase by only 15 percent. We need a change.

Capital Metro is working with the community to develop a new, comprehensive transit vision to improve existing transit services and develop new, high-capacity public transportation projects that provide efficient travel options into, out of, and around Central Texas. We call this vision, Project Connect.

Project Connect is all about developing innovative solutions that move more people; a complete system of reliable and frequent transit with congestion-proof services that operate free from other traffic.

The Orange Line

The first piece of Capital Metro’s Project Connect, the Orange Line will offer congestion-proof services that operate free from other traffic. The Orange Line will be a north-south transit line that provides faster, more reliable travel to, from and within central Austin and the surrounding region, providing a complete system of reliable and frequent transit.

The proposed Orange Line transitway includes North Lamar, Guadalupe and South Congress Avenue and would operate along the existing 801 route.

Map of the Orange Line

Why the Orange Line?

The Purpose of the Orange Line high-capacity transit investment is to meet growing corridor travel demand with a reliable, safe, cost- effective, time-competitive, state-of-the-art high-capacity transit option that is congestion proof. The Orange Line would address the following Needs (or problems) within the corridor.

  • Growth along the proposed Orange Line corridor
  • Limited ability to increase roadway width in the corridor
  • Provide better transit options linking affordable housing and jobs
  • Connect activity centers and manage future growth with better transit service

The Virtual Open House

This is an interactive experience. You will have the opportunity to leave your feedback on the project, so we encourage you to view the background material and to provide your feedback on the topics of importance to you.

Download the Open House Exhibits 15MB PDF

We are currently analyzing our options to make important decisions about transitway location and station locations. Most importantly, we are focused on evaluating a dedicated pathway (transitway) that only transit vehicles can use to be free of congestion. Click on the cards below and let us know what you think.

Comments received by Wednesday, July 31, 2019 will be included in the official record of the Project Connect open house.