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Project Connect: MetroRapid Virtual Open House

Project Connect

Central Texas is rapidly changing. Our population just hit 2 million and it’s projected to double by 2040. In that same time, road capacity is expected to increase by only 15 percent. We need a change.

Capital Metro is working with the community to develop a new, comprehensive transit vision to improve existing transit services and develop new, high-capacity public transportation projects that provide efficient travel options into, out of, and around Central Texas. We call this vision, Project Connect.

Project Connect is all about developing innovative solutions that move more people; a complete system of reliable and frequent transit with congestion-proof services that operate free from other traffic.

What is MetroRapid?

MetroRapid is a faster, more reliable transit service that utilizes a combination of features such as:  

  • Routes with buses operating mostly in mixed traffic
  • Traffic Signal Priority
  • Conveniently located station platforms 
  • Off-board fare collection
  • Accessible platforms designed for rapid boarding
  • Greater frequency 
  • Potential for seven upgraded corridors
  • Dynamic customer information

Where Would it Go?

Map showing the MetroRapid Long Term Vision and Plan

Click the map to enlarge

As you can see, our proposed MetroRapid network would cover many of the most popular areas of our community where people live, work, and travel for services and entertainment.  

The Virtual Open House

This is an interactive experience. You will have the opportunity to leave your feedback on the project, so we encourage you to view the background material and to provide your feedback on the topics of importance to you.

Download the MetroRapid Fact Sheet

Download the MetroRapid Open House Packet

View the list of upcoming participation opportunities. If you have additional questions, please contact us or stop by the Project Connect office at 607 Congress Avenue in Downtown Austin to speak with staff and get more information.

Thanks for your feedback!  

Click any of the images below to see each of our seven proposed corridors in more detail or provide us with your comments by December 6, 2019.