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What's Next?

Project Connect Timeline

Graphic showing Project Connect timeline between April of 2019 to 2021. April 2019 includes the start of Project Connect Plan Alternatives Analysis. October 2019 includes the Joint Work Session on Investment Opportunities. January 2020 includes the Joint Work Session on program components, policy, and guidance. March 2020 includes the investment program recommendation. May 2020 includes virtual meetings being held. June 2020 includes the Joint Work Session on system plan adoption. November 2020 includes potential referendum. 2021 and beyond includes it’s go time. Ongoing community engagement throughout the process.


With Transit Network Expansion-

  • New Joint Venture established with oversight and resources to construct and implement Project Connect 
  • Completion of NEPA process & final design
  • Construction & transit improvements begin


Do Nothing Alternative-

  • Minimal transit system improvements
  • Population increased & traffic worsens