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Station Locations

Step 1 Analysis

How do we decide which transitway options to consider for each segment?

Graphic asking: One: How much space is there? Two: What are the stations areas like?

Question 1: Space for Transportation

The amount of space available for transportation facilities, or the right-of-way (ROW), varies throughout the Orange Line corridor. Our goal is to work within the existing ROW whenever possible.

Picture showing an example of narrow right-of-way, Red River at 32nd Street
Picture showing example of a medium right-of-way, Airport Boulevard at 49th Street
Picture of Example of Wide right-of-way, East Riverside Drive at Royal Crest


Question 2: Station Area Evaluation

Over the past few years, we studied potential station areas closely to understand how they support transit today, or could support it in the future, and assigned a rating to each station based on this analysis.

  • What is the current population and employment around the station? What are the major destinations in the area?
  • How accessible is the area to bicycles, pedestrians, and other transit services?
  • What is the potential for new growth and/or redevelopment in the area?

Each station area is given a rating of high, medium or low based on the answers to these questions.

Submissions are closed.