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Austin is the 11th largest city in the country. We’re a growing region with 155 cars arriving every week and 4,500 people every month. At this rate, our population will double by 2040. Our roads can’t grow that fast. Like other big cities, we need a strong public transit system that accommodates growth and supports our quality of life.  

Project Connect is a bold plan that could benefit all of Austin, whether you ride transit or just drive. This plan could expand transit capacity and offer more choices, linking people, neighborhoods and employers. Investing in transit will help protect what we love about Central Texas and improves our quality of life now and into the future. 

You shared your priorities — easing traffic, more transit options, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions — and with that feedback we’ve developed a vision of a modern, sustainable transit system that builds on what we have today to create the Austin and Central Texas of tomorrow.  What we decide now will be the foundation for the growth that's coming tomorrow. Please fill out the questions below to provide your feedback on our recommended system plan. 

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Submissions are closed.