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After reviewing the information provided in the Blue Line Corridor Open House regarding the evaluation of alternatives, please provide your feedback on the survey questions. Your input will be used in the development of a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).

Project Connect and Blue Line Corridor

Project Connect is our community’s plan for a complete regional system of reliable and frequent transit. It will include two major proposed routes, the Blue Line and Orange Line, that provide service within dedicated transitways and connect to the broader Capital Metro system.

About the Blue Line Corridor

The proposed Blue Line Corridor would run from North Austin through downtown to the Austin Bergstrom International Airport.


Blue Line Corridor Purpose and Need

The Purpose of the Blue Line Corridor is to provide improved high-capacity transit that operates faster; has better reliability; provides improved connectivity to affordable housing, employment, activity centers, and Austin’s airport; and links other future transit corridors.

Need 1

Sustainably support Central Texas’ population and economic growth

Need 4

Increase transportation network capacity to meet increasing travel demand

Need 3

Support Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s growth in air travel

Need 2

Provide better transit options linking affordable housing and jobs

Need 5

Support growth of and connectivity to regional activity centers

Note: Purpose and Need has evolved and will continue to evolve as the process progresses.

Project Goals

Following the FTA process, the Detailed Evaluation phase (Step 2) analyzes how well different combinations of alignment, transitway type, and mode meet the project’s goals.

Focus areas discussed today:

Customer experience icon

Customer Experience

What it means:

Increase efficiency, attractiveness and utilization of high-capacity transit service within the corridor.

How it’s done:

Provide a travel experience that is competitive with the automobile.

Reliability icon


What it means:

Provide frequent, reliable high-capacity transit service along transitways within the corridor.

How it’s done:

Efficiently use the existing transportation network, provide dedicated transitways for transit to operate free from other traffic.

Implementation and operations icon

Implementation and Operations

What it means:

Develop and select a community-supported high-capacity transit investment for implementation.

How it’s done:

Develop a project with strong public, stakeholder and agency support. Develop a project that balances costs and benefits.

Other areas:

Sustainability icon


What it means:

Contribute to a socially-, economically- and environmentally-sustainable transit network.

How it’s done:

Mitigate the rising cost of living by providing safe, affordable alternatives to car ownership, reduce energy usage and pollution while minimizing impacts to the natural, cultural, and built environment.

Land use and policy icon

Land Use and Policy

What it means:

Support “compact and connected” land use and development patterns.

How it’s done:

Expand transit access to local and regional destinations, activity centers and employment centers.

Blue Line Alternatives

Capital Metro continues to analyze alternative transit modes, alignment, and design options for high-capacity transit in the Blue Line Corridor. This analysis is based on how well the alternative meets the Purpose, Need, Goals and Objectives of the Blue Line Corridor.

Alternatives include: 

Build Alternatives: Dedicated Transitways

Fully dedicated lanes or facilities set aside for public transportation vehicles that allow for traffic-free travel. These lanes could serve:

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Examples of dedicated transitways:



New MetroRapid

This alternative would upgrade local bus service by introducing a new MetroRapid route with transit priority treatments along the Blue Line Corridor alignment.

No Build/Do Nothing Alternative

As required by the FTA, we always carry forward a “No-Build” or “Do Nothing” alternative for comparison. For the Blue Line Corridor, this would include making no changes to the existing local bus services.


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