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Local Connections

Local Connections - MetroBus, Metro Access, Circulators​

We are expanding our existing bus service to more parts of the region and making it more convenient and easier to use with new customer technology.

A picture of two men and a woman waiting to catch a metro express bus.

Information sheets providing key facts related to MetroBus, Metro Access, and Circulators​.

Customer Technology Fact Sheet (English) (Español)

MetroBus and MetroAccess Fact Sheet (English) (Español)

MetroBus service is the backbone of the CapMetro system. We've invested greatly to improve the customer experience and MetroBus service will continue to be a priority.​

MetroBus Benefits

  • Zero-emission, all-electric vehicles​
  • Quicker and more reliable service​
  • Increased rider capacity​
  • Improved station amenities​
  • Better pedestrian access and connections to neighborhoods ​
  • Improved safety for crosswalks, sidewalks and bicycle facilities​

MetroAccess service​ provides three service levels: curb-to-curb, door-to-door, and hand-to-hand, providing riders the opportunity to achieve basic mobility based on their level of need. Project Connect would offer enhanced demand response service for customers.

Neighborhood Circulators let you connect to and from your final destination without driving. Sometimes that's to the store or a doctor's appointment that's too far to walk to, and sometimes that's to a transit station that will take you the rest of the way.​ Project Connect’s vision is to make it easier for customers to access the transit system from where they live. Neighborhood circulators help provide this hyperlocal connection for our customers.

A picture of a MetroAccess employee shaking hands with a man by the MetroAccess vehicle.
Submissions are closed.