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Highland (Red Line)

We want to know which type of improvements you would like us to make at this station.

There are three types of improvements:

Access: Projects that improve how riders get to CapMetro bus stops and rail stations — whether by foot, bike or car.

  • ADA-compliant ped / bike safety and access
  • Last-mile connections
  • TNCs (Fare, Ride Austin, tai)
  • Passenger information and trip Planning

Connect: Projects that improve how riders get onto CapMetro vehicles — at stations, stops and other facilities.

  • Stations and / or vehicle enhancements to increase capacity, comfort or safety
  • Fare payment systems
  • Facilities and placemaking for passenger collection, drop off , and transfer

Ride: Projects that improve the experience on board vehicles — during the ride itself.

  • On-board safety improvements
  • Construction of dedicated transit lanes or transit priority lanes
  • Other improvements to remove transit vehicles from mixed traffic


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Submissions are closed.