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Bringing it together

Elevated, cut-and-cover, and tunnel profiles are high-investment options when compared to street-level. This evaluation is designed to eliminate high-investment options from consideration in segments where space is available at street-level.

Each corridor segment was evaluated based on two questions, designed to eliminate vertical profile types within each segment that will not work. If the answer to both questions is yes, the vertical profile will move forward to the next phase of evaluation.

Cross section of a street-level right-of-way

Street-level Questions

Question 1: Is any of the segment narrow? 


Question 2: Are any of the stations rated low?


Cross-sections of elevated, cut-and-cover, and tunnel right-of-ways

Cut-and-cover, Elevated and Tunnel Questions

Question 1: Is 34 percent or more of the segment narrow?


Question 2: Are there fewer than two stations rated low?

Submissions are closed.