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Blue Line - Share Your Feedback

Share Your Feedback  

Due to Winter Storm Uri the public scoping period has been extended a week. The public scoping period will now run from Jan. 25 to March 12, 2021.

Blue Line Project Goals and Objectives


Provide better transit options linking affordable housing and jobs.


Connect employers and employees along the corridor with fast and reliable transit.

Support Airport Growth

Provide transit options for access to/from AUS as demand grows over time to serve the needs of air travelers, employees, and all others needing access.

Land Use and Policy

Connect activity centers and manage future growth with better transit service.

Interoperability and Operations

Ensure interoperability between the Blue Line Project and planned and future transportation corridors.

Build Alternative Details

LRT line from Republic Square to the airport showing the Republic Square and Downtown stations as being below ground level, MACC/Rainey to Metro Center stations at ground level, and the airport station above ground level. I-35 is located between the Travis Heights and Lakeshore stations, SH-71 is located between the Montopolis and Metro Center stations, and U.S. 183 is between the Metro Center and airport stations.   Through downtown, the transitway would operate in a tunnel. The Blue Line ill cross Lady Bird Lake on a new bridge. Street-level transitway between Lady Bird Lake and Metro Center. Elevated transitway over US 183 to connect to the airport.

Project Areas

Environmental Resources

Physical and Natural Environment - Air Quality, Soils and Geology, Water Quality, Threatened and Endangered Species, Energy, Hazardous Materials, Noise and Vibration, Temporary Construction Impacts  Human Environment - Environmental Justice (EJ), Safety and Security, Land Use and Zoning, Socioeconomics and Economic Development, Transportation, Utilities, Land Acquisitions and Displacements  Cultural Environment - Cultural, Historic, and Archeological, Parks and Recreational, Section 4(f) Evaluation, Visual and Aesthetic, Neighborhood and Community Resources