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Get Involved with Project Connect

Project Connect is a plan to create a system of high-capacity transit options to connect people, places and opportunities in an affordable, efficient and sustainable way. The term “high-capacity” refers to transit that travels on a dedicated lane or guideway—separate from other vehicular traffic.

Project Connect is not a new idea, but we’re approaching it in a new way. Instead of conducting yet another study, the Project Connect team has looked at dozens of studies that have been conducted over the years. Those studies yielded a number of well-traveled corridors in the region that could benefit from high-capacity transit. The Project Connect team then scored those corridors on a variety of characteristics that make them suitable for projects. But that evaluation is just part of the equation. Community input is just as important to making these critical decisions.

The Project Connect “Investments and Enhancements” Survey has concluded; we’ll update ProjectConnect.com with the results later this month.
In the meantime, we still want to hear from you. Please send your comments to our project team using the contact form.  And keep an eye on this site -- we’ll launch the next public survey in the fall.

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